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OneThird - food waste prevention

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The lowdown on OneThird, the foodtech startup that's tackling food waste via its innovative solution for predicting the shelf life of fresh produce.

FOz9SfTY_400x400According to the World Food Programme, a staggering one-third of all food produced globally goes to waste. Financially, this amounts to $1 trillion every year - 1.3 billion tonnes. If those numbers didn’t look bad enough, there’s also the fact that the one-third is enough to feed two billion people - which is over twice the number of people living in a constant state of hunger around the world. In industrialised countries, 40% of waste occurs in the consumer’s home and on shop shelves. So how can we ensure that less food sits on the shelf until it’s no good?

smartphone-with-scanner-300x225Based in the Netherlands, foodtech startup OneThird was so shocked to discover this statistic that they took it on as their name, and dedicated themselves to trying to do something to change it. Although their aspirations stretch further, the current way in which they are helping to reduce waste at the retail level is through food scanners and AI. These scanners use spectroscopy to see inside produce and accurately determine just how fresh the individual fruit or vegetable is and predict its shelf life.

This is data that can not only be used by the grower right away, but can be shared throughout the supply chain of growers, distributors, and retailers so that the best decisions can be made at every level. The startup says that their analyses and predictions are accurate to within one day, and the definition of shelf life can be customised for each user or product. This helps everyone reduce waste, save money, and meet their sustainability goals.

Hopefully, this kind of technology will see the end of the old-fashioned method of a customer putting their hands all over every other piece of fruit and vegetable and giving it a squeeze to intuit if it’s fresh enough.



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Published on: 6th February 2023

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