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OFF3R- The Tinder of Equity Crowdfunding

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OFF3R, the Tinder of equity crowdfundingOFF3R is the Tinder of Equity Crowdfunding

Lisa Simpson once made a characteristically concise commentary on ‘copycat’ culture, “Anything that's the ‘something’ of ‘something’ isn't really the ‘anything’ of ‘anything’”.  I wonder if the episode had been created in 2015 would the line have been written differently?

It seems that one cannot swing a cat meme these days without it careering into an innovative tech startup positioning itself as the ‘something of something’...‘The Facebook of Dogs’, or the ‘The Tripadvisor of Churches’, and so forth.  

It is, of course, an excellent notion.   Aligning yourself in this way is a fantastic means of simplifying your business proposition to customers...even if it is a tad cliched at this point.

Just last week we came across one of our favorite ‘Something of somethings’ to date and couldn’t bear not to share it with you.

OFF3R is the Tinder of Equity Crowdfunding  OFF3R

Yes, that’s correct… it is the... Tinder...of ...Equity... Crowdfunding.

An unusual description?  Most certainly!  But ineffective?  Not in the least!   In fact, I now find myself in the enviable position of not having to describe at all what OFF3R does, because you already know…. ‘It is the Tinder of Equity Crowdfunding’.   All I need to do is fill you in on a few extra details, of which there aren’t many.

OFF3R was originally launched as the altogether more on-the-nose, yet clever brand of Tendr, a UK-based crowdfunding app which aggregates crowdfunding deals and allows users to  swipe right to like or swipe left to pass, depending on their level of interest in the campaign.      The idea is that it offers investors a mobile interface through which to quickly and efficiently bookmark crowdfunding projects that they would like to investigate further, and easily dismiss those which they have no interest in.

If their engagement figures from the first 8 weeks since launch are any indication, it’s a service that is very welcome amongst the so inclined.

According to OFF3R in that first 2 month period the app generated 250,000 interactions; apparent validation that the convenience of the mobile interface is indeed something that investors value.

The change of name comes as they team announce their move into the American Market, by incorporating US-based crowdfunding deals into their existing offering.  

Does this represent the beginning of a wave of new, more convenient crowdfunding technology?  We shall see!

If you are planning a crowdfunding campaign, we have a free crowdfunding support package that can help you rech your goal!


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Published on: 18th August 2015

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