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Neatebox - innovation in disability-aware customer service software

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The Edinburgh-based startup Neatebox that has developed WelcoMe - disability-aware customer service software to help both customers and staff alike

1500x500 (1).There are over 13 million people in the UK with disabilities, 75% of which are hidden disabilities, and yet accessibility is not anywhere near what it should be, be it physical accessibility or simply having staff knowing how to interact appropriately with people whose disability requires something different (for example, not every partially sighted customer wants you to leap over the counter to seize their arm and guide them to where you think they want to be because you’re oh so helpful and accommodating).

As with so much, we need to turn to startups if we want to see real innovation in the area of inclusivity and accessibility, and to help bring these vital things to the forefront of everyone’s consciousness.

download (3)Edinburgh-based startup Neatebox has developed WelcoMe - disability-aware customer service software - for this reason. WelcoMe is an app that works on both the customer’s side and the staff’s side to help ensure that accessibility requirements are met when the customer visits your venue, be it a shop, bank, restaurant, or anything else.

With WelcoMe, the customer can book with participating venues, which then sees their profile and needs that have been filled out upon account creation. The staff then know what is needed of them, and if they need any additional information, tips, or even training, the app is able to provide it. This one visit from one customer also means that the staff can take the knowledge they gained in that interaction and apply it to future interaction with other people, as well as helping to forge a better relationship between your venue and that particular customer.

On the flip side, customers using WelcoMe will get a detailed profile of the participating venues, so while the staff will know you before you walk through the door, you will know the venue before you even leave the house. Read reviews from others who have already been there and experienced their accessibility for themselves, understand what to expect when you get there, and know in advance if there are certain aspects about the place that are just not accessible enough for you personally rather than only finding that out once you arrive.

A lot of participants are already using WelcoMe, including the Edinburgh airport, Edinburgh Fringe festival, the NHS, RNIB, Visit Scotland, and many others. The app is free to download and use, and is a great next step in the vital path to our everyday lives becoming fully accessible for everyone.




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Published on: 29th December 2020

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