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Naked Raver reveals all - a self interview on Startacus

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Founded by Joanne St.Clair and Daniel Orlick in September 2012, NAKED RAVER is a fun-filled adventure of Feminine Spirit.

It is an exciting lifestyle brand for women: a festivity of their untapped potential, of their natural ability to uplift the hearts of others, and of their deep desire to inspire the imagination of the whole of humanity – at work, in the home, and at play. Startacus offered Naked Raver the chance to self interview for the site to tell all our readers a little more...

What is Naked Raver?

Launched in September 2012, Naked Raver is a lifestyle brand for women. We create music, art, books, and fashion that encourage and celebrate a woman’s untapped potential, our aim being to uplift their hearts and inspire their imagination.

Naked Raver gracefully guides women to be the very best they can be -­ at work, in the home, and at play. We recognise their inner beauty and strength, their grace and poise, their fun loving and playful nature, their nurturing and caring qualities, and above all, their indomitable spirit and patient endurance.

“Every woman has a Naked Raver inside. We help her set it free.”

That’s an unusual name for a business. What is the meaning behind it?

Naked is the term we use to describe the stripping bare of illusionary concepts of limitation, whilst Raver describes the woman who dances to the tune of her own indwelling spirit, one whose notes are Love and Trust.

What do you mean by indwelling spirit?

There is a presence in every living thing on the planet, its most common names being energy, spirit, soul, light, vibration. Whatever one calls it, it is a well-­?known fact that this energy plays an essential role in an individual’s life and the Universe as a whole. It is a principle upon which scientists and mystics agree.

On an individual level, we may recognise it by urgings, desires, intuition, strong feelings, gut reactions…….basically there are many signs which connect us to it and, when a woman follows its guidance, success in her life is assured because it is her unique plan for life unfolding. When she ignores it, problems and issues arise which thwart her potential.

There is a science behind its workings, and this is what we, at Naked Raver, term ‘indwelling spirit’.

What is the focus of your products?

a) Artwork -­The brand’s art & design is unique, and is about intelligent, meaningful messages incorporated into eye catching designs in ways that
are sophisticated and appealing to a modern day woman, wherever she is, what ever she is doing, and who ever she is with.

A range of this artwork is currently available to purchase as stationary (we are in the process of securing placement for a range of cards in boutique retailers), and is used as an integral part of our online marketing campaigns.

b) Music – we create uplifting, feel good music (electronic and acoustic), which embodies the ethos of the brand and can be played in clubs, bars and venues around the world. We ensure that lyrics are positive and empowering, whilst musically being very commercially accessible.
OCEAN, the company’s first release by Daniel Orlick, is now available.

(Daniel Orlick is the in-­house designer and music producer)

Nakedraver.comc) Books & articles Joanne St.Clair, the second founder of the company, writes books and articles that cover a range of topics, the underlying
theme being about inner self, mind-­set, thought patterns, habits, intuition, etc. With a background in Aerospace Engineering, she discovered the science of inner potential nearly fifteen years ago, and now translates her knowledge and research into compelling, quirky content (fact and fiction based)

Statue in the Square, her first book, regularly charts in the Top 20 of its genre. Upon request, she delivers business workshops to groups, encouraging her audience to look within for solution, change, wellbeing and success.

d) Fashion – currently in the design phase, our goal is to create fabulous clothes and outfits for women, the range of which can be seen in the artwork. Every piece is thoughtfully designed and is already being showcased via the Naked Raver images.

What next for Naked Raver?
We are a very new company, our immediate goal being to reach out and connect with people; and to deliver unique, quality product that is accessible in various formats. Our drive runs much deeper than just turnover. For us it is about connecting in a way that makes Naked Raver the voice of cool with regards spiritual, inner potential. We see ourselves becoming the brand of choice for women (in the 20-­40 age group) because of what we help instil in them.

Women are amazing and Naked Raver intends to remind them of this simple fact every single day.

How can people get involved with the company?
There are various ways, from licensing the artwork to acting as an Ambassador for the company. At a later date, we shall reach out to other producers and songwriters, as well as authors in the self-­help/spiritual genre.

For further details check out our company website

To listen to our latest releases, go to

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Published on: 20th February 2013

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