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Mood Meter - the app to help you build emotional intelligence

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The lowdown on Mood Meter, the app that aims to help users track their emotions, giving them a heightened sense of emotional intelligence and control.

moodmeter imageMost of us will, from day to day, go through some degree of mood swings, be they subtle or not. Various factors can affect this, and for people with poor mental health, these changes can be more drastic, but the reasons aren’t always obvious and caused by specific incidents. Yet we tend not to track our mood in order to understand what might be subtly influencing it and potentially circumvent those things in order to keep a healthier mindset.

Enter PhDs Marc Brackett and Robin Stern from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and their Mood Meter app. The doctors have worked together with HopeLab, designer Chairun Siregar, and app developer Reliable Coders to build the Mood Meter app, which helps people track their mood and build emotional intelligence. By doing so, you can better understand how your feelings are affecting decisions in your life, identify the subtle, slow-burning factors that contribute to change in mood, and develop a better emotional vocabulary for the nuances of your feelings.

step3.The app is easy to use, with its 5-step process, but deceptively deep. This starts with thinking about how you are feeling, but nailing down the nuance with a range of colour-coded dots representing the type of feeling (red and blue being high- and low-energy negative emotions respectively, such as anger or sadness; yellow and green being high- and low-energy positive emotions respectively, such as excitement or peace) and the degree to which you feel it.

Each quadrant also has a range of emotion-identifying words to go along with the dot you choose. The next step is to describe why you feel that way, and your choice and description are saved so that you can look back over time to remind yourself or identify patterns. From here, you can choose from different strategies to change your mood if needed, view personal stats, and set up reminders to check in with yourself. There is also an optional 6th step to share your current feeling with friends on Twitter or Facebook.

The team describes the app as one of the anchors of their Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence RULER programme: Recognizing, Understanding, Labelling, Expressing, and Regulating emotions.

While getting into an argument or getting a promotion may come with an obvious change in mood, we are constantly exposed to things that affect us much more subtly, and the Mood Meter app should help people to avoid the negative emotions bubbling under the surface and to not ignore them, as most of us have trained ourselves to do, resulting in better emotional wellbeing.

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Published on: 13th June 2022

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