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It’d be relatively safe to say that nowadays we’re all quite familiar with the whole 5 a day concept. Supermarkets, food manufacturers and even fast food outlets love to declare that one product or another constitutes one of your required daily 5 a day. Whether we all actually adhere to their recommendations though...that’s a whole other thing. However, we recently came across an initiative that also uses the notion of the 5 a day concept, but in an entirely different way. We like! We think you will too.

Mindapples is an initiative mind appleswhich encourages people to do 5 things every day to keep their minds healthy. Those things could be anything from going for a bike ride to reading a book. A pretty simple concept but one which many of us never seem to pay enough attention to.
Visit the Mindapples site and you can commit to doing 5 things yourself to look after your own mind or take a look at some activities that other people have pledged to do.

Although it started solely as an online project, Mindapples has developed its’ offerings recently and now offers several innovative services to inspire and encourage mental wellbeing, like, for example the Mindapples Tree. The tree is a Pop-up installation which allows people to write their mindapples on apple shaped cards, hang them on the tree for other people to see and thereby create a talking point and source of inspiration for others. It’s been used in all sorts of places - from corporate events through to art galleries and music festivals. Pretty good idea, don’t you think?

Since our aim here at Startacus is to inspire, encourage and celebrate people doing their own thing, being creative, starting businesses and basically really using their minds, it’s understandable why we feel that looking after those minds is pretty important too.

Mindapples - we heart you guys!

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Published on: 27th September 2012

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