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LittleData Making it Big in Analytics

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We’re sure you have heard of Big Data, but what about Little Data?LittleData the Next Big Thing?

LittleData is tech startup that is hoping to make it big in the world of data analytics, simplifying the way that Google Analytics data can be used to give businesses greater insight into their customers online behaviour.

They are a recent arrival to the Startacus Showcasing Space For Startups, so as is tradition, we had a chat with them about some of the cool things they are doing, the challenges they have faced, and how our community can lend a hand!

Over to co-founder Edward Upton.

Give us your pitch - what’s your startup all about?

LittleData gives managers actionable insights into how their website or app is performing, distilling historic and real-time changes in Google Analytics into a prioritised feed of what they need to act on.

What’s your own career background?

I worked for Accenture, Skillcapital, and AMR International doing data analytics for big companies, ran another ed-tech startup ( and then advised other startups on product development.

What is it’s unique selling point?

Lots of ‘analytics tools’ churn out extra reports, most of which are dull or hard to interpret. LittleData uses a combination of machine algorithms and human creativity to take the pain out of analytics. This makes the price (from £199 per month) accessible to smaller companies.

LittleData the Next Big Thing?
What’s been the toughest part of the journey so far?

Finding engaged trial users for our app: analytics is dull, but for a small set of digital managers it is essential for their jobs.

What mistake did you learn the most from?

With my first startup Teachable, we made the classic mistake of convincing ourselves and our investors that the product worked fine and we just needed to buy more traffic … which had low lifetime customer value. At LittleData we aim to build a brilliant product for our initial customers, and build revenue by referral and upsell.

What one piece of advice would you pass on to other Startacus members?

You don’t need to be great in every area of business to succeed. Pick the areas you enjoy and are good at, and focus on being brilliant at that. I love product development, so we’re a very product-centric company.

LittleData the Next Big Thing?
How are you planning to fund your startup? Crowdfunding, investors etc.?

We have just closed an SEIS ‘pre-seed’ round, and will be looking to close another seed round by end of 2016. But ultimately with a B2B startup it’s viable to build revenue from an early stage, and we intend to focus on revenue generation over equity funding.

What is your long term goal/plan?

We want to become the gold standard by which digital teams measure their performance.

If any other collaborators wanted to lend a hand with your startup, how would they do so?

We’re still looking for beta testers for new features. If you have a Google Analytics property with more than 1000 visits a month please get in contact.

What edge do you have over competitors?

Lots of big companies (Google, IBM, Adobe) are investing heavily in analytics, but their user interfaces are designed for nerds who love wading around in data tables. LittleData is designed to be used by managers who would rather spend their time on strategy than data analysis!

What would you like to happen thanks to becoming a Startacus Collaborator?

Get boosted by the enthusiasm from other collaborators, and find new customers through your network.

Thanks for the chat Edward!

All members of the Startacus community can connect with Edward now- If you’re not a member yet, below are some of the reasons why you should sign up… it’s completely free too, which is always a bonus!  

The team at LittleData are on the look-out for a customer acquisition manager in London.

You can also follow Edward on Twitter!

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Published on: 7th April 2016

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