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Linkilaw shares all on their online legal platform for startups

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We’ve been following the progress of Linkilaw for some time. To anyone that hasn't heard - Linkilaw is aiming to be the online legal platform for startups - offering startups smart legal work, at an affordable price.

Admittedly, we’ve not seen many a more active team in getting their startup related content and articles shared and published by startup and tech sites - they've had articles published on TechCrunch, Inc., The Huffington Post...Startacus to name a few top sites (wink).

So we thought in true Startacus style, it was about time we returned the favour and gave Linkilaw a chance, to this time, just share word on their own endeavours. So with that convoluted introduction done, it’s over to our Q & A with Linkilaw Founder and CEO Alexandra Isenegger

Alexandra IseneggerAlexandra, let’s start by understanding your own background - why did your career take you down the route of launching your own startup business?

I’ve always had a desire to work as a lawyer, but my motivation to startup Linkilaw came after a good friend of mine was falsely accused of stealing, and subsequently lost her working visa and right to stay in the UK. She was working as a maid and couldn’t afford a lawyer to properly represent her. She lost everything. For me, that was the final straw and I decided that I just had to do something. I then decided to create Linkilaw to stop inefficiencies, streamline legal services and help legal work become accessible to everyone.  

So Linkilaw then - give us your pitch! Who is Linkilaw for and what problem is the platform trying to solve?

Linkilaw is the legal platform for startups. We’re committed to stop inefficiencies, streamline legal services and make legal work accessible to all through our technology, in-house solutions and legal marketplace. We provide startups and SMEs the legal support they need.

Linkilaw has two main services:

  1. Marketplace linking clients with the right lawyer.

  1. Drafting contracts for early stage startups.

Our in-house legal team provides bespoke, smart and affordable legal work that is as unique as the startups we work with whilst saving our customers up to 80% on their legal fees. With specific legal direction and resources, as shown in our Startup Packs and free one-on-one consultations, we guide startups from early stage to Series A.

You are based in London - how diverse is the legal tech startup scene in the UK's capital?

Legal Tech isn’t as big as FinTech or EdTech, but contrarily to popular belief, it’s gaining traction! The Legal Tech startup scene is very diverse in London. We were featured in the Legal Geek Startup Map, which lists many other startups from London and the rest of the UK, which work in document automation, machine intelligence amongst other things.

Legal Tech Startup Linkilaw

What was the biggest challenge you faced in launching the business and leading on from this, what has been your biggest success story to date since launching?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced whilst launching the business has come from finding the right employees and collaborators. Your employees are not only the people you hire to do a job, but become an extension of you and your company. Each person brings a unique set of skills and talents to the business, and I’m lucky to have each member of my team by my side. It took time to get the right people but it was worth it.

The biggest success comes from being recognised and respected in my sector. The legal industry is known as archaic and resistant to change. To be featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Forbes because of my opinion on the legal industry and startups has been exciting and humbling.

You are a prolific writer of content and have been featured in various tech focused publications - any advice for other startup LinkiLawfounders looking to gain grade A media coverage?

Quora is your best friend.

I love helping people learn more about entrepreneurship, tech and the legal industry, and writing gives me an opportunity to share my passion and knowledge, and I think that shows in my answers.

By answering questions everyday, you can display your expertise on a subject, learn from other people and hone in on your writing style. By consistently writing, my profile became popular. The exposure my answers had lead me to getting published.

What's next for Linkilaw - any updates or plans that you can share with us!?

We have big plans! Watch this space!

We’re also looking for people to join us on our startup journey. If you would like to work at Linkilaw, collaborate with us on blogs, or become a partner, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Linkilaw is committed to stopping inefficiencies, streamline legal services & help legal work become accessible. Through our technology, in-house solutions & legal marketplace, we provide businesses with the greatest legal support ever. Visit our website! We offer a free Startup Legal Session.

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Published on: 13th March 2017

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