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LEGO Startups – How Startacus thinks LEGO could get involved with Startups

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by Startacus Admin

With the Guardian asking the Danish company ‘LEGO’ to mark the beginning of Copenhagen Fashion Week, we saw the birth of the LEGO HipstersLEGO Hipster

This got the Startacus team thinking – What other wonderful things could LEGO do to mark events? Could we even use LEGO to help motivate Startups?
So, here at Startacus HQ, we set our ‘Stunted Journalist Children’ to work, figuring out the mysteries of LEGO, and the startup community.

Their ideas are shameless, but we’d love to see them!

In a bid to promote entrepreneurialism, the first new setup we’d love to see is a shared office workspace, where startups have their dedicated areas, but without walls to keep everything separate.
There’d be work station style desks, a dedicated WiFi table, right next to the obsolete 2002 printer (that doesn’t handle colour too well) and a coffee machine in the corner.

Our Content Team are actually just an army of ChildrenTold you these were gonna be shameless.

The next thing that our team would love to see is a replica of the ‘Apprentice’ set, With an Alan Sugar character that is able to point to his plastic cohorts. The set could also include a variety of entrepreneurs who look very uncomfortable in formal work wear, and a selection of nervous, callous and straight up evil expressions. Just like the show!

One of the more popular ideas though would be a Dragons Den. Not like the show, we mean like, from the fantasy films. Filled with gold and jewels, it would make the perfect backdrop for any entrepreneurial playtime. Pair that with the likes of a LEGO-ised Peter Jones and Hilary Devey. If that doesn’t get people into business, nothing will!

Apparently Richard Branson was an ‘easy’ mark, but we’re going to go for it! The consensus is a replica of his private island. No, not a play set for toy stores. We want a life size replica – with all the amenities and services, however it can only be made of LEGO. LEGO cutlery and glassware, LEGO costumed staff etc. Now THAT’s a vacation for billionaire business people.Kind of like this but scaled up...and functional

On to our final two, seeing as it was a coin toss to pick the favourite LEGO idea among our staff; We have a complete Wall Street, stocks and shares trading floor. LEGO characters donned in shirts and braces, rocking that slicked-back hairstyle that’s become synonymous with the stock market, all complete with argumentative faces.

Finally, revisiting the first ideas; everyone agreed that a range of gear for startups, made entirely out of LEGO, would definitely be an amazing leap. From LEGO coffee machines to LEGO desks and chairs (ok, maybe not the chairs). Working in, or even founding, a startup would be just that little bit more awesome, if you could say to your family and friends, that you get to go into your office, and it’s made of LEGO. If they don’t believe you, just show them!

Let’s face it, most of us adored LEGO, so who wouldn’t want to play with it at work?

Of course, walking around barefoot in a LEGO office...that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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Published on: 5th February 2015

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