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Learning to Code - the why and the where

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by Startacus Admin

By now you have probably already got the message that if you haven’t got the skills inhouse, learning to code can be really advantageous to your business success and the amount of money you have to fork learning to codeout, especially if you are a technology based or digital startup.

In the second of his 3 part series on building a high growth web start-upCraig McDonald Co-Founder of StorkUp, suggested just as much.

And if you follow the ‘tech’ or ‘startup scene’ it’s virtually impossible not to hear a speech or talk or watch a video that doesn’t bring up ‘learning to code’ as one of, if not the, most important thing that anyone, self starter, startup, or otherwise can do. It’s like this decade’s “learning Chinese will make you more employable in the international economy” or the early 1990’s version of “make sure you are proficient in all MS office packages!”

Why learn to Code?

Jokes aside, we understand only too well how having or not having a coder inhouse can have a massive impact on your business. If you want to make changes to the back end of your website/app/programme/game (um...trying to talk technical now!), then having your own coder or knowing how to code yourself means that you can make any changes immediately.

One day it looks and works like ‘this’, the next day it can work and look like ‘that’. However if you want to make changes and don’t have a tech person on board, you’ll need to contact and outsource the work to an external developer or programmer, get quotes for the work, work to their timescales and ultimately pay for something that could be in a sense ‘free’ if you had the skills inhouse.

To use a language based analogy - it’s a little like running a school and outsourcing the requirement for a teacher to come in each week to teach Spanish lessons. That service will cost more if on a one off, ad hoc, or freelance basis than it would if you had a teacher as a permanent member of your team. Comprendez?

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Published on: 16th July 2013

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