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Krüst - Innovative Dublin Bakery Proves a winning recipe

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by Startacus Admin

Thank you for forgiving the shamefully obvious wordplay and generally poor punnery contained within the title of this piece… but sometimes the old ones are the best.Krust- Dublin Bakery

Of course, this is also true of some startups who work in traditional industries and inject them with a level of innovation, know-how and passion which makes them able, nay proud, to stand alongside any of your 21st century new fangled, technology gizmos with their head held high and a smile on their face...startups like Krüst bakery.

“What’s so exciting about a bakery, aside from a fancy German sounding name?”

Well, as you may have guessed, Krüst is a bakery quite unlike any other. The self professed ‘Most Innovative Bakery in Ireland’ takes a progressive and experimental approach to not only its wares, but all aspects of its business, meaning that this truly is the bakery of the 21st Century.

Believing that “A balanced diet is a cronut in each hand” (by the way a cronut, we’re told is a cross between a donut and a croissant) Krust has grown from one man selling a few pastries into a thriving enterprise, selling their yummy baked goods the length and breadth of the country.

In this our Dublin Startup month, we had a quick chat with Garret Flower, the amazingly named co-founder of Krüst Bakery about his journey, the city of Dublin and bringing innovation to an ancient industry.

Krust- Dublin BakerySo Garret, in a city which is at the heart of Europe's tech / internet industries, can you tell us why you decided to start a bakery?

I met my business partner Rob in college and he was selling mini pastries. When I tasted them I knew there was something special there, so we began to sell bakery products wholesale into cafes, hotels, then eventually supermarkets. Since then we have grown and grown, recently opening our first retail bakery/cafe site at 32 Aungier street, Dublin city centre.

Having a nationwide reach through the wholesale side of the business, there must be something about Krüst which sets it apart from similar businesses. What do you think this is?

We offer products that are not currently on the market like the Cronut or Croissant/Donut, we listen closely to trends not just nationwide but worldwide, then we choose carefully the trends that are worth following and create the product launch strategy through our existing customer database.

So many people dream of running their own business, especially something like a bakery, but traditional businesses seem to be under a lot of pressure nowadays which can be somewhat off putting. What advice would you give to someone who is has dreams of starting their own business, but is apprehensive?

I would tell them that it was the best decision of my life, it is the hardest thing I have ever done, it is lonely so find like-minded people and work towards your dream. :)

We read recently that you guys were the first ever bakery in Ireland to allow Bitcoin transactions. Why did you do this?Krust- Dublin Bakery

We love tech, we love innovation, and we always try and incorporate both into our business as much as we can. If you are not embracing new ideas, you run the risk of being left in the past by your competitors.

How important do you think it is that traditional businesses (like bakeries) remain up to date with changes in technology?

I believe this is essential to most businesses nowadays, with technology moving so fast, and the pull of social media getting stronger, Krüst Bakery will always be keen learning how the newest technology can benefit business.

As you know it’s our Dublin startup month and we are really keen to hear your thoughts on starting a business in the city. Can you tell us the 3 best things and 3 worst things that you have encountered?

3 Worst: Dublin's property market is red hot, making it very difficult to find a good 2nd property for the next bakery. Can't find two more as we're pretty happy here in Dublin.

3 Best: Dublin is a close knit community and everyone in it will genuinely try and help you once they know you are a startup. Dublin is easy to get around transport wise. Dublin is a perfect launchpad for the UK.

Krust- Dublin BakeryWhere do you see Krüst in the Future?

Well, we are building Krüst Bakery to become the no.1 leading bakery brand in Ireland, we currently supply a number of nationwide retailers and now our focus is to create a stronger retail presence in Ireland with an eye on launching in the UK soon. Keep an eye on us. :)

Thanks for the chat Garret! We eagerly await a box of your finest cronuts!

If like Garret, you have something to say about Dublin or your startup, then our Dublin Startup month is the perfect opportunity! Drop us a line to or check out what we are looking for.

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Published on: 15th October 2014

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