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Is Video the Future of Corporate Websites?

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by Startacus Admin

Are you looking for a way to revamp your corporate website? Maybe you want to inject a little excitement, interest, and just overall freshness to it that helps to set the company apart from others. Let’s face it, even the most well thought out and professionally designed website has a lifespan. You need to update it to keep up with the times and keep people engaged and coming back. The website is a reflection of the company and its branding, so keeping things current is imperative.

As you look for ways to inject that sense of freshness into the website, you may want to give video some consideration. Many are looking to video as the “future of corporate websites” for all kinds of valid reasons. But is it right for your company? Should you be investing in video and jumping on this trend? Let’s take a look at why video is so effective to use on your corporate website.

Deliver Your Message in a Fast and Efficient Way

We all know that people are busy nowadays and don't often have the luxury of free time. What that means is that they need information in the fastest most effective manner possible. Video can certainly fill that need. Rather than forcing a potential customer to read through pages of text scattered throughout your website, a short and concise video is able to deliver a message in a very efficient way. You’ll see the results and customers will appreciate the ability to just click on a video and have their questions answered.

An Excellent Way to Conduct Product Demonstrations

There’s also the fact that some products just do better with an actual demonstration. They may be difficult to explain, hard to set apart from the competition, or just so new and cutting-edge that people have no frame of reference. With a professional corporate style video, you can conduct all kinds of product demonstrations that make the product abundantly clear.

You Can Link to Videos Through Social Networks

Video can also be an excellent link to include on your social networks. If your website suffers in low traffic but your social networks have a healthy following, pasting links to videos can certainly help drive those followers to your website. It increases exposure, branding, traffic, and interest.

And let’s not forget you can also tailor your corporate videos specifically for use on social networks to be shared on such platforms as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This gives companies a chance to take advantage of social media trends and build marketing campaigns around the trend.

Work Your Way Up the Search Rankings

Using video throughout the company's website can also help with Google search rankings are concerned. They tend to boost the site's overall ranking, which means more people are likely to find your business on the search page. Video is ranked as a very positive tool by the algorithm.

Create a Personality for Your Brand

Did you know it's also a good idea to give a personality to your brand? It needs to be more than just a name in order to build a following of loyal customers. Maybe you want to get the message across that your company is very "now" and timely, hip, fun, engaging, and so forth. Video can certainly help to get your personality out there and help to create strong brand imaging.

Keep It Professional – Be Sure to Hire on a Skilled Professional

Of course, in order to ensure that the video hits all the right notes and reflects the brand properly, it’s important to hire a skilled professional to create the video. Simply grabbing a camera yourself and shooting some video is not going to provide professional results, and will ultimately reflect poorly on the brand.

Look at a professional commercial photography and videography service such as This is a great option for those companies who want to be sure that the video is done properly and effectively. And it's not just what a professional videographer chooses to film; it's also the fact they have access to high-quality camera equipment and editing software. Again, this probably isn't something you have or know how to use.

It’s Time to Embrace the Way of the Future

So, if your company hasn’t yet dipped its toes into the world of corporate video, it’s time to look at it much closer. There are all kinds of benefits in adopting this media form both for the company’s website and its social networks. It’s about recognising a trend and embracing it so you’re not left behind.

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Published on: 30th July 2020

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