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InChorus helps address workplace bias and harassment

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InChorus, the startup that's on a mission to address bias and harassment in the workplace...

As our society evolves and matures, instances of bias and harassment and bigotry decrease. Incrementally. We would like to think that the switch from things like racism and sexism and homophobia being the accepted norm to being recognised as grotesque distortions of what it is to be human would have all but eradicated these things, but we’re not there yet.

InChorus logoWhile changes in political leadership embolden people to spew these things more publicly, they are more often encountered in the shadows, quietly, and more insidiously. This is where a light needs to be shone in order to stamp out this Dark Ages discrimination.

London-based startup InChorus has this light. Their third-party platform allows people to anonymously report instances of bias and harassment without fear of reprisal or a black mark on their record or other worries that so often prevent people from speaking out. It is simple to use, and staff need only open the app and fill out a quick report, as well as receiving professional resources to help them manage the situation.

Employers have access to the dashboard to see this anonymous data to see what is happening, when and where. They can then obviously use this data to act on what they are seeing, launching initiatives that directly address the issues that are affecting their specific workplace. In this way InChorus is leading the charge towards smarter, data-led, training and solutions. Using these data points, InChorus generates new insight to create targeted solutions and then track their effectiveness over time to ensure that we’re moving forwards.

It’s depressing, when we’re almost in the year 2020, that we still need platforms like this, but with their existence, perhaps the next time we hit a landmark date and think ‘we’re in the future’, they’ll have made themselves unnecessary.

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Published on: 10th November 2019

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