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Improving Products, Services, Sales and Satisfaction: How Business Surveys Help

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Thanks to the technology that is available today, it is easy to create and customize online surveys. When done right, business surveys on employees, customers, suppliers and the market in general can help to improve major aspect of a business. Here's a few ways how: 

Guiding and Improving Product Development

This is the age of the consumers, and it is for that reason that listening to what your customers have to say about your current products/services and that of the competitors can help a business redirect its efforts in the right direction. The opinions and views expressed by the customers and target audiences serve two primary functions, which are as follows:

  • Improvement of the existing products/services to cater to their needs
  • Launching of new products/services that are in line with what they want

online survey

Employee Satisfaction

It may sound cliched, but the fact that every business is only as good as the people they hire is one of the fundamental truths. However, even the best employees can become disgruntled over time and that is never good news for a business. A well-designed and well-planned business survey helps employers figure out whether there is common dissatisfaction among the employees that point towards a pattern. Also, the right questions and anonymity of the survey can uncover the exact reasons responsible for the mounting dissatisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

As discussed in the first point, understanding customers and what they want is key to the success of a modern business, but customer satisfaction is not only limited to products and services provided at the time of the sale. An online survey geared especially towards finding out how satisfied your customers are will also cover aspects of post sales service, reception of the company’s marketing ventures, complaints after long-term use, etc. The idea is not only to gather as much data as possible regarding the problematic areas that are affecting customer satisfaction negatively and improve them, but also to improve further on the aspects that customers find to be the most satisfactory.

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Generating Leads and Increasing Engagement with Quizzes

Since survey quizzes are more generalized and do not directly target a very particular group, they need to be fun, similar to those we often see on sites like BuzzFeed. As long as they are engaging, people are more likely to spend at least some time on them. The cleverly designed questions help businesses generate new leads to widen their target customer base. A few examples of how quizzes are integrated into the business model are as follows:

  • Personality quizzes provide information for better understanding the customers
  • Knowledge quizzes are ideal for education/training-based businesses to lead customers onto the right landing page
  • They can both be used simultaneously to funnel visitors towards a sale

Business surveys of any type are designed with the intent to gain some sort of an insight and it is this valuable insight which can help with anything from a successful product launch to building a good reputation in the field.


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Published on: 7th October 2018

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