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If your startup journey was a movie, which movie would it be ?

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by Startacus Admin

That’s right... this week in the Startacus office we have applied all of the collective acumen we could muster, pored over seemingly endless reams of important documentation and held dozens of company conference calls to address one of the most pressing questions to occupy the mind of the modern startup owner… “if my startup journey was a movie, which movie would it be?”If your startup journey was a movie, what movie would it be?

Our extensive scientific deliberations have whittled the possible candidates down to a Top ‘must see’ list. So without further ado, which one most resembles your startup journey?

It’s a Wonderful Life - “It’s a wonderful startup life” but it took a long time for you to realise it whilst struggling (like a fly stuck in treacle) through the obstacles and barriers thrown in your way.

Titanic - It was heralded as a triumph, the talk of the town with everyone celebrating its majesty and jumping at the chance to get onboard - but then…well you know the rest...

Old Yeller - It was dear to you once but now it has gotten old and diseased and needs to be put out of its misery… it’s for the best.

The Shining - All work and no play...

Inception - It has been an enjoyable, but rather confusing experience…You constantly wonder why you still haven't won any awards.

The Shawshank Redemption - Like crawling 2 miles through a sewer on your hands and knees- but the outcome was definitely worth it.

Forrest Gump- People told you you were an idiot, but you just kept on running!

Misery - It was more fear than desire that drove you on your journey, but now it’s time to knock it on the head and start a new chapter.

Terminator 2- You find yourself in a perpetual battle with technology- but with the right support, you will be fine.

Mrs Doubtfire - Constantly pretending to be someone you are not and hoping that no one finds out… but having a great time all the while.

If your startup journey was a movie, what movie would it be?The Wizard of Oz - It’s been a real whirlwind ride, you have met some amazing (and rather odd) people

Ghostbusters -
It was a real case of right place right time/you popped up just when you were needed most.

Paranormal Activity - It has been a truly terrifying experience and not one that you would care to repeat.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2- It has been a long, unnecessarily drawn out, seemingly unending battle...but finally, at long last the end is near.

So hopefully this has… umm … cleared things up a little, and you have now decided which movie your startup journey most resembles.

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Published on: 3rd April 2014

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