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Human holograms in augmented reality

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by Startacus Admin

London-based HoloMe has developed the technology to create a holographic version of a person without special equipment...

Holograms. The thing of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Hutch? Maybe not, but it’s been a while; we don’t remember. Holograms are one of the main staples of sci-fi and, along with androids and flying cars, are pretty much seen as a landmark of when the future will have arrived. And arrived it has. Kind of.HoloMe
Okay, you’ll still need to hold up a screen, but it’s a step in the right direction and one that will be interesting to see come to life.

London-based HoloMe has developed the technology to create a holographic version of a person without special equipment - soon, just a phone camera and as little free storage space as 7mb.

You will simply point a camera at yourself and the technology will suck your essence into a digital limbo where you will reside forever more. At least that is more or less the gist of this witchcraft as far as we can tell. HoloMe creates this technology for brands to use as they HoloMewill, and already fashion retailer ASOS has taken it up, trialling a ‘virtual catwalk’, where you can bring a model into your bedroom to model clothes for you.

In this way, you get a better sense of the clothing than you would from a static image. London College of Fashion recently held the world’s first augmented reality fashion show, which HoloMe’s founder helped with, and French Eurovision star Amir produced an AR music video in May using HoloMe.

The uses for this technology are limited only by our imaginations! And also the technological limitations. But soon, your remote business meetings may include all participants sitting together in augmented reality from all around the world, or college-bound offspring sitting in your front room for a chat.

The next time you get a cold call about PPI, the creepy robot lady might be standing in your hall. Wondrous! Although for now the holograms won’t be customisable in the sense of scanning yourself in and trying on clothes, holographic projections in augmented reality give a much better sense of scale than still imagery or normal video, and can increase immersion.

In the march towards the future, at least in the holo-realm HoloMe is our only hope (it’s an old one Star Wars reference, sir, but it checks out).



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Published on: 30th August 2019

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