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How your startup can create an effective & successful brand image

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From building around a theme, demonstrating your core business values, to the use of social media, here are a few simple ways your startup can create an effective & successful brand image.

There’s a lot that you should consider and keep in mind when it comes to a startup businesses. You want your startup to be as successful as possible, and every individual business aspect can work together to create a successful venture. 

One key aspect to consider is creating a positive brand image for your business. From demonstrating your core business values, to using the right uniform & workwear suppliers, here, workwear uniform supplier Simon Jersey, go through how your startup can create an effective & successful brand image.

Building around a theme

building a brand image Your brand image can have a significant impact on the way you’re perceived by customers and the general public. It can also help to demonstrate some of values and ideas that your business keeps close to its heart.

For example, perhaps you’re especially fond of sustainability, recycling and green living. You could put this across in your business by decorating your office with a range of colourful plants and unique-looking recycled or up-cycled furniture. Or perhaps you’re keen to be on the cutting-edge of technology within your business. You could show this through using industry-leading equipment where you can, and decorating with a crisp, minimalist style that doesn't distract from the equipment you use. 

An effective uniform 

The right kind of uniform can be a fantastic way to really put across a certain image to the public and your customers. If you’re a restaurant, for example, the kind of uniform you might opt for could change drastically based on the kind of restaurant that you are and the market you’re aiming at. 

For example, a restaurant focussed on providing the best fine dining experience around might have their staff wear a formal shirt and tie, with the option of a waistcoat or suit jacket, all in a crisp black colour. A more casual restaurant such as a coffee shop or café might use colourful polo shirts instead which give off a more building a brand imagerelaxed feel to customers. Whatever your industry or intended market, it can also be helpful to embroider your uniform so that it prominently and visibly displays the name of your business. 

Sticking to a brand colour scheme is also helpful too. Your brand logo and website might heavily feature the colour red, for example. In which case, you could make sure that that colour features heavily in your uniform. This helps to create and reinforce your brand image in the minds of your customers — seeing the colour red prominently may make them connect that colour with your brand specifically.

Social media and engaging with the public

 It’s important to stay in contact with your customers however you can, and having a consistent presence of social media can be perfect for doing exactly that. 

Perhaps you put it across in your tone of voice in writing the tweets or posts you put out, or perhaps you run fun, interesting and unique competitions which engage with your target audience. 

However, alongside that, social media can also be helpful to show that you care about what your customers say about you. 

On one hand, it’s a great way to have conversations with customers, share information about your brand, and generally be more than ‘just’ a business.

On the other hand, it can also be great for responding to customer complaints almost instantly. This can help you stop a complaint escalating, while also showing to customers and the public that you care about their experience with you, and will do whatever you can to help ensure they have a positive impression of your business.

Keeping these tips and ideas in mind when considering your business’s brand image will help you to create and present a memorable positive image for customers to associate with you, which in turns will help to make your business a success going forward.

About Simon Jersey

Simon Jersey is a respected workwear uniform supplier with over 45 years’ of experience in their industry. They’ve developed a keen awareness of a range of business needs, which helps to ensure that they’re able to meet any business need.


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Published on: 3rd May 2018

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