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How to Use Booklets to Increase Your Brand Awareness

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The lowdown on using printed booklets to improve brand awareness and as a key element of your marketing strategy.

photo-1632062549850-44a0a6eede16.jPrint is far from dead. In fact, it can deliver better ROI than digital media, when used well. According to the Direct Marketing Association, booklets and leaflets can be used to make as many as 48% of readers aware of a business and influence them in visiting a store or an outlet. Moreover, booklet printing has never been cheaper and easier than it is today. You can find plenty of affordable booklet printing services to choose from with just a simple Google search.

So, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to increase your brand awareness, advertise to potential buyers and attract loyal customers, you should consider adding booklets to your marketing strategy. In this article, we will share various ways you can use booklets to improve brand awareness and how they can fit into your marketing strategy. But before we begin, let’s have a look at what booklets are, along with some examples.

What are booklets?

Booklets are thin, small books that you commonly see around in the form of storybooks, brochures, how-to guides, product catalogues, promo booklets, instruction manuals and much more. You can print them in a variety of sizes, page finishes, and binding options to suit your needs. Booklets are widely used for promotional purposes and for sharing information with a particular audience on their topic of interest.

How booklets can help increase your brand awareness

Using print media is a nice way to leverage the potential of traditional advertising for increasing brand awareness. If designed well, booklets can benefit your brand in the following ways:

  • Give a solid first impression about your brand and create a reputable brand image

  • Offer a physical experience to your potential customers while making them aware of your brand

  • Help present attractive photographs and imagery while showcasing your products or services in the best light

  • Help build a more tangible and personal connection with your target audience

  • Make your audience expect a superior quality product or service from your brand

  • Help generate a better brand recall than other forms of marketing media

  • Provide something more tangible and permanent that your potential customers are more likely to keep with them for longer or share with their peers unlike online ads

Using booklets in your marketing strategy

There are plenty of opportunities to get creative when marketing with booklets. If you want to create a booklet that leaves a lasting impact on the readers, it's best to write it with the classic AIDA marketing model in mind. AIDA model stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action, and identifies the various cognitive stages that someone in your target audience would go through before becoming your customer.

Here are just some of the most common ideas to set your booklet marketing strategy into action:

Use newsletters and mini-magazines to keep in touch with your customers

Sending booklets to your customers to engage with them on a regular basis is a good idea to keep them reminded of your brand's products or services and also generate more sales for your business.

Use printed booklets to showcase your range of product or service offerings

/photo-1548094990-c16ca90f1f0dIf you want to showcase all your best selling products or services in a well-organised manner, you should include booklet printing in your marketing strategy.

Publish a how-to guide or technical booklet to demonstrate your expertise

By creating a booklet that contains useful information for your audience, you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

Print an image booklet to improve brand image

How about impressing your target audience with a beautiful photo album booklet? You can also create a coffee table booklet using high-quality images that are relevant for your industry and also share information about your business or brand inside the booklet.

Spread your message with a handy pocket booklet

If you want to spread the message about your business, distributing an interesting and useful handy pocket booklet can work wonders.

Apart from this, you can also use printed booklets for lead generation, by providing them in exchange for your prospects’ contact information. Another good idea is placing them at a point of sale to attract your target audience. The way you use booklets for increasing brand awareness is limited only by your creativity.

How to print your booklet

Before you can print your booklet it's important to ensure you have done the following:

  • Add around 3mm of bleed area as an extra margin to your digital version of the booklet, in order to support the binding and trimming process

  • Remember to also allow a quiet area. 3mm or more depending on the binding you have chosen. E.g. for wiro bound, it is 20mm due to the size of the wire loops.

  • Organise the content in the exact order you want it to be printed

  • Export your print file in a print-ready format

  • Select an appropriate binding type and orientation for your booklet

  • Select an appropriate paper type and finish for both the inner pages as well as the cover of your booklet

Before you send the print file for booklet printing online it's best to check with your chosen print partner if everything appears as expected. Make sure the final output is of top quality, because that’s what your audience will associate with your brand.



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Published on: 11th February 2022

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