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How to start your own dog grooming business

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by Startacus Admin

Do you want to start a UK based dog grooming business? You are not alone, in fact dog grooming is fast becoming one of the most popular ways in which British people become self employed.

The benefits of starting a dog grooming businessA Pug receiving the Spa Treatment

  • There is no official training / qualifications required
  • The startup costs are quite low with only minimal initial investment
  • Monthly overheads are also relatively low
  • If you have the free space, a dog grooming business can be perfect for running from your own home
  • It is a business that you can operate quite comfortably as a sole trader
  • You can pick and choose the hours that you work
  • It can become a business with real longevity since dog grooming services will always be required
  • As you gain experience you can expand the services that you provide to include other pets such as cats
  • If you are passionate about animals then this is a great way for you to combine that passion with a realistic career
  • If you are new to self-employment, a dog grooming business offers a relatively straightforward way to ‘get in the game’

So it’s clear that starting your own dog grooming service can be a really good option if you fancy becoming self employed. On the face of it, it might seem more straightforward than many of the other options that are open to you but don’t let yourself become complacent. Like any business, if you are not entirely dedicated to making it a success the whole exercise could amount to nothing more than a colossal waste of your time.

There are a few questions which are probably beginning to buzz around your head - here’s some advice on how you can begin to answer the most pressing of these.

Should you run your business from your home?

As we have already mentioned this can be one of the major reasons that many folk decide to start a dog grooming service rather than a business which would require them to rent a dedicated property. When considering if you should start a business from home there are many thing which you need to take into account;

  • Do you have enough space? You need to be very realistic when planning the amount of space that you will need and take into consideration that you will require somewhere to carry out the administrative tasks of the business.
  • Will you need to make any expensive alterations to your home? The most obvious thing is plumbing, which may need to be installed in the room which you plan to use as a studio. You may also need to make other practical changes such as the fitting of tiles onto walls and floors.
  • Is your home accessible to those who may wish to avail of your services?
  • Are there any restrictions on running a business from the property in which you live? Such a restriction might be from a landlord, local authority or community agreement.
  • Are you willing to have your work and personal space intertwined? As anyone who has ever worked from home for an extended period of time will tell you, it is not as easy as it sounds. It can cause a whole range of personal issues and you should make very sure that it is the right decision for you before you begin. Check out our tips on working from home, which will give you some useful advice on how to manage the situation.

Could you have a Grooming Table at home?
Should you have a dedicated premises?

Whilst the very idea of having to rent a commercial property for a business may seem like a terrifying prospect for many folk, it can prove to be an attractive solution for those who feel the disadvantages of working from home outweigh the potential benefits. It can also be a great way to grow your business once you have created an established and loyal customer base.

In the end it’s a huge decision to have to make and you really need to take your time and consider it carefully otherwise you could quickly see your hard earned cash disappear down the plughole. Keep in mind things like;

  • How much money can you afford to spend? Remember that rent is not the only extra expense that you will incur, you will also be required to pay business level council tax and utilities.
  • How much money will it take to make the rental property suitable for use as a dog grooming studio?
  • Are there any hidden costs such as building maintenance fees which are attached to the premises?
  • Will the location of the property provide easy access for your customers?
  • Does the rental property have a street facing shop front? Does a dog grooming studio need one?
  • Are there any other dedicated dog grooming studios with your area? If so what will you be able to offer your customers that they cannot ?
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Published on: 22nd August 2014

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