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How to Maximise Productivity in Your Startup

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by Startacus Admin

maximising startup productivity  

Here are some tips, courtesy of accountancy experts Howlader&Co, on how to generate substantial profits by maximising productivity in your startup.

Though it may seem a challenge to improve productivity in your workplace, it’s perfectly possible to get your office firing on all cylinders!

Here are some great tips, courtesy of chartered accountants Howlader&Co, on how to generate substantial profits by maximising productivity in your startup. 

1. Engage employees

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for a productive startup, but employee engagement is often the best place to start.

An engaged employee will provide a more enjoyable working environment as you will feel your employees are working with you - to achieve your joint goal - maximising productivity in your startuprather than for you, to earn a salary. 

Research has shown that engaged employees are also more productive. For example, analysis by Gallup found that teams with high employee engagement were 21% more productive than their less engaged counterparts.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your startup journey or already well established, increasing employee engagement - and consequently productivity - is a great way to get ahead. 

2. Encourage autonomy

It may sound counter-intuitive, but having managers take a step back and allowing employees to be more independent can have a positive effect on productivity. 

Encouraging employees to take ownership of their own time and resources makes them feel valued and trusted, and motivates them to perform well. 

Micromanaging, on the other hand, can result in a vicious cycle of poor performance, with employees becoming nervous or resentful when their managers take control or watch their every move.

Give your employees the freedom to manage their own day-to-day workload, with support and coaching from managers when needed, and you should see positive results.

3. Improve employee skills with training 

Continued training is an essential part of keeping your employees engaged and productive.

Not only will it improve their skills and efficiency, but it will make them feel like you value their contribution and are willing to invest in their development.

Employees needn’t be the only ones to benefit from training either.

The most successful employers are those who constantly be analyse and adapt to the world around them. By undergoing training regularly, you will be better prepared for any changing environment.

4. Allow flexible working

Asking all employees to stick to the same rigid schedule is bad for morale, and as a result, productivity.

startup productivity Allowing your employees to be flexible with their hours can improve engagement and encourage them to perform better.

Offering remote work is another way to make employees feel valued, and has been proven to increase productivity. Research from the US, shows that remote workers get more done, take less sick leave and work from home on sick days.

5. Provide the right tools 

Equipping your employees with the right tools to get the job done can streamline processes and increase efficiency.

There is an enormous amount of software available to help teams organise their workflow, communicate effectively and boost productivity. 

The software you choose however, should depend somewhat on your startup’s particular goals and processes. 

Though using software to streamline processes can be incredibly beneficial, it only works when employees understand the software as well as the employer. 

It’s therefore important to also provide the guiding hand when providing the right tools for your employee.

6. Focus on self-care 

Tiredness and stress, predictably, have a negative effect on productivity, so taking steps to combat them in the workplace is a wise idea:

  • Foster a culture of open communication. Let employees know they can talk to you or their managers if they have issues or concerns.
  • Encourage healthy living by making employees aware that you value work-life balance, exercise, relaxation and good sleep habits.
  • Consider offering an employee gym membership, or a lunchtime yoga class in your workplace.
  • Be open about employee mental health. With nearly a quarter of us compromising our health to complete work, consider offering ‘wellbeing days’ so employees can take a day for themselves when feeling stressed or burnt out.

maximise productivity startup tipsBy empathising and considering your employees as humans, they will reciprocate your empathy in times of difficulty and will pull together to fight for your business. 

Maximising productivity: Conclusion 

Unfortunately, maximising productivity is an area where many startups still fail today.

 Employers expect immediate results and can get easily frustrated when their efforts seem to be futile. 

However, by fostering and maintaining a culture where employees feel valued, supported and happy, over time the rewards will follow.

Written by Howlader&Co a London-based chartered accountants and chartered tax-advisors, with a wealth of experience assisting companies in accountancy, business plan writing and financial services.

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Published on: 19th March 2019

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