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How to Make Your Boutique Businesses an Entrepreneurial Success

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by Startacus Admin

Exploring a few of the ways that you can make your boutique business thrive and become an entrepreneurial success. 

Small boutique businesses are a crucial element in fashion, interior and exterior decor, and jewelry. Boutique businesses are small stores that feature luxury products; usually, there is only one location of a boutique business. If you are embarking on the entrepreneurial endeavor of becoming a boutique business owner, there’s a lot to keep in mind in order to make your business successful.

And there are similar considerations whether you live in Plymouth or Philadelphia. Veronica Baxter, a legal assistant and blogger offered up these thoughts...

A Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer who I work with recently reiterated that many small businesses, especially boutique businesses, have been going out of business in recent years because of people’s dependence on online shopping. He said that more and more people are shopping from their mobile device or computer than in-store.  

If you plan to become a boutique business owner, there are a lot of things to consider in order to not be forced out of business due to the rise of online shopping and of course the recent lockdown due to covid-19. Or, if you already are a boutique business owner, it’s important to keep your business prospering. This article will explore a few of the ways that you can make your boutique business thrive and become an entrepreneurial success.

Business and Branding: Tips to Build Your Boutique

Staying on top of business in your boutique is important in order to become/stay successful. Whether you are selling women’s high-end clothing or authentic home decor, it's important to pay attention to business details and branding. Here are some tips that can help your boutique business:

Location, Location, Location

As a home, the location is one of the important things to consider as you are looking for a place to open your boutique. It’s a good idea to look for a location that is in the main part of a town or city; anywhere that sees a lot of traffic. It’s important to make your business easy to find. Try to choose a central or popular location that people will see often as they drive or walk by. 

Though rent will be high in these prime locations, you will likely have increased sales due to your boutique being in a highly visible area, thus making the higher rent worth your while. 

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

As the age of technology persists, people use social media to find stores to go to and products to buy. If your boutique business has a positive and attractive social media presence, more people will likely visit your store and spend more. Most shoppers look online and on social media before they visit a store, so it is important that you update your social media page often and interact with customers on multiple social media platforms. 

Some suggestions to create a more popular social media presence include:

  • Posting a picture of new products on the newsfeed

  • Responding to customer’s comments

  • Ask customers to tag you in their pictures as they wear or use your products

  • Share behind the scenes images

  • Post your website link often to drive sales

Participate in Local Events

Often, the typical clientele that shop at boutiques lives in the area. In order to get your name out and to begin to build a name within a community, it’s best to participate and visit local events. It's important to form strong relationships with people in your community and by attending these events, you will be able to do just that. 

Depending on the type of products you sell, you may be able to set up a table or booth at a local event; perhaps a farmers market or seasonal festival. It will also be worth your while to take pictures that you can post on your social media accounts. Make sure to bring business cards and promote your social media accounts as well. 

Create a Positive Company Culture with the Right Employees

Hiring the right employees is a crucial key to success. Small boutique businesses often don’t have many employees, so it’s important that the few employees you do have are the best fit. As customers visit your boutique they often want/require personal assistance, and in order for them to have a positive experience, you need employees that are knowledgeable, kind, and personable.

The employees of a boutique business are what set the store apart from chain and franchise stores. Customers will choose your store over another, larger store because of the positive experience they have when they shop at your boutique. 

Make sure to train employees appropriately so that they can perform their job to the best of their ability. 

Create a Loyalty or Incentive Program

As a marketing strategy, reward loyal customers. Enticing customers to come back with incentives is beneficial for not only the customers but you as well. Perhaps offer a discount after a certain amount of money is spent at one time, or, have a point system that yields a discount after a prolonged period of time. Shoppers will want to take advantage of these programs and will spend more money in order to do so. 

Creating a Succesful Boutique Business

Starting your own boutique business is exciting, that’s why it’s time to put these tips into action and make your small business and entrepreneurial success. Keep these tips in mind as you go through the checklist of opening a boutique business

About the Author

Veronica Baxter is a legal assistant and blogger living and working in the great city of Philadelphia. She frequently works with David Offen, Esq., a busy Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer.


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Published on: 18th June 2020

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