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How to Ensure You’ve Got the Right Setup When WFH

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If, like many of us you're working from home at the moment, here are a few basic tips to help you do just that - in comfort

pexels-photo-3937174With the nation back in lockdown, a very high percentage of people find themselves working from home again. Opinion has been split on WFH, but it seems that those that are enjoying the many perks of remote work will have the right setup while those that are struggling may not have an ideal situation. With this in mind, here are a few tips which will help you to work comfortably from home.

Think Practically Over Aesthetics

While it is nice to have an attractive home office, it is not essential and you are not trying to impress anyone. This is why you need to think practically and not concern yourself so much with aesthetics, which will include having a dedicated space for work in a quiet area of the home. You then need to have a high-quality office chair and a large enough desk to work comfortably - if your business decides to continue with WFH after the pandemic, you could think about ways that you can jazz the space up a bit.

Set Screens & Desk To The Right Height

pexels-photo-389818.An often overlooked aspect of comfort and safety is making sure that all of your equipment is set to a complementary heigh, including your desk, chair and screen. The key is trying to make sure that you are sitting up straight and looking forward as opposed to being crouched over and craning your neck up or down to see the screen.

Take Regular Breaks

When working from home, it can actually be very easy to sit in front of the computer all day (and then to sit in front of the TV all night). This is why you need to make sure that you are taking regular breaks throughout the day, which should involve getting up, stretching your legs and not looking at a screen for a short period.


Follow Business Guidelines

pexels-photo-4492161It is also important to follow any guidelines that are provided by your business in terms of working safely. They will be the experts and know how to set up an office for people to avoid potential injuries as they know that injuries in the workplace can lead to claims through personal injury solicitors, so they will know about ergonomics and avoiding injuries like RSI, eye strain, aches and muscoskeletal issues.

This post should help you to improve your WFH setup, work comfortably and avoid injury. Many people have been struggling since making the switch which is understandable if you do not have a good setup, but there are steps that you can take to overcome this. 


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Published on: 14th January 2021

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