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How to Build a Successful Marketing Campaign for Your Business in 2021

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Planning a marketing campaign for your business for the year ahead? These tips will help you ensure that it's a success

pexels-photo-4226262A successful marketing campaign today needs to be done with the relationship at the forefront. It isn’t enough to offer a great product as you also need to really engage with customers. 

2020 was all about the local community. We really got to know our neighbours and our neighbourhoods during this time, and it is here where the hard work and ingenuity of small businesses really shone. 

Any business can mimic this sort of relationship, but only when they use these following tips: 

Build a Community 

First things first, it’s time to think about how you, as a business, can recreate the community feel. This can be by using smart social strategies that bring together users and make people feel like they are part of a collective. It could be done by physically (or digitally) bringing people together. 

This can be done in many ways, but generally, try to think of social ways to add to your business. If you sell products, host live how-to’s or share how customers are using your product in their own projects. There are many ways to bring together your customers like a family, so find the unique approach that suits your business. 

Use Unique Codes, Links, and Phone Numbers to Track Print Media Success 

pexels-photo-669615 With online tools and advertisements, you have real-time access and analytics to draw from. With these tools, you’ll know when someone successfully engages with your campaign and can track multiple factors from referral links, all the way to how many engage with your PPC campaign on Google. 

With print media this is not so easy. You will absolutely have a lot of viewers when, for example, you run a tv advert or have a panel on the underground, but unless you are smart with it this is no way to connect and determine the ROI of these campaigns. 

That is why having special codes, links, or phone numbers is the way to go. If they use a discount code generated by you that links to a single campaign to buy from your site, you know that they saw your ad on that campaign and then carried on to make a purchase. This can help you identify which forms of advertising best engages with your target audience. If you use special 1800 numbers specifically for each print advert, then you will be able to determine where the customer first heard of you and can adjust your marketing strategy from there. 

It isn’t just about publishing an ad where many people can see it. It’s about picking your battles and knowing where the most engagement is from. Raising awareness if one thing, but being able to track which advertisements work best is how you can fine-tune your marketing strategy. 

Collaborate and Reinvent 

startup-photos Adding value today needs to be done creatively. So many businesses came up with new business models in 2020. If this was your business, carry on with it and make that a marketing highlight, as reinvention inspires and attracts users.

Another thing you can do is to collaborate with others, be that artists or other businesses. By doing this you can offer a new, fun service that you wouldn’t have been able to do on your own. There are so many ways to reinvent yourself with the help of other businesses that will work wonderfully in your marketing efforts. 


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Published on: 8th January 2021

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