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How to be Happy...

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by Startacus Admin

There comes a time in everyone's life when, no matter what you're doing, you feel a bit sad, demotivated and just a bit blue because it's September and it's raining outside and winter is just around the corner. Your work may be fine, family life fine but you just don’t feel too happy. When you're feeling this way, there are a few key things that you can do that can somehow make it all seem better. Consider them as ‘'brain hacks'! Try them out and you’ll be happier - unless you're Edgar Allan Poe, and that...well...that isn't actually possible, because... you know...

Think Positive
First thing to remember... You are in control of your brain. It's another part of you that you have complete control over. be happyThere's a lot to be said for positive thinking. It may be hard to look at things positively when you're feeling down, but it's all to do with focus. Keep thinking about the last time you were in a good mood and concentrate on it. Got it? Lovely! Keep that up, and you'll start to see other things in a better light.

Do something a little out of your comfort zone
By that, I don't mean steal a car, or set fire to your cat. Instead for example, the next time you're in an elevator with strangers, offer every one that comes in a hug. You'll be terrified (unless you do that often, in which case, try to not offer hugs) and people will look at you funny, but afterwards, you'll be on somewhat of a high; and no doubt, the people you offer hugs to will have something to talk about. You never know, you may hug someone in need of cheering up too.

Try a little bit of yoga
Folk are always talking about how yoga improves their state of mind, as well as maintaining their health. Try it out for yourself and if it does; then you're onto the path of a healthier brain and bendy legs. Check out your local papers for classes and groups and whatnot.

Start talking.
You have friends and family who you could talk to. Give them a call, or visit them; and when the inevitable question, 'how are you', arises... just tell the truth and say, 'well, I'm a bit down to be honest'... After a few minutes of getting things off your chest, you'll feel as right as rain.

Everyone has their own thing they do to motivate themselves, or get themselves raring to go. Personally, I start shadow boxing and jogging on the spot when the ice cream van playing the Rocky theme tune comes down the street.
Another thing that makes me happy, is reading your comments! You can help me with that by letting us know over at the forum what you do to cheer yourself up.

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Published on: 6th September 2012

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