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How startups can contribute positively to the world around them

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by Startacus Admin

startups and having positive contribution to the world

Marcus Franck is founder of London-based startup, Franck Energy. He is an expert in renewable energy technology and helps UK homeowners switch to green solutions. Here he writes how startups can contribute positively to the world around them...

"There’s no doubt that running a startup contributes to a very hectic lifestyle, and often it can become the centre of your world for prolonged periods. It’s always hard to gauge whether a business is having significant impact on the wider world, and leaders are often focused on steering the company’s growth. 

I have the luxury of working in renewable energy, which provides a very tangible benefit to the environment and our society. As a team, we constantly remind ourselves that helping homeowners switch to green technology is of benefit to the wider world. This provides meaning and purpose, which cannot be underestimated as a motivating factor for buoyant team morale.

Research suggests that meaning and purpose is of primary importance when measuring employee satisfaction. Studies show that this is the case more now than ever before, and “millennials” seek a meaningful career, above all else. Beyond this, the collective strength of a startup team is very well-placed to work on projects that provide positive contribution.

So, how can your startup contribute to the world around it? Here are a few useful tips, which can be used to improve various aspects of a startup’s mission.


Apprentices are a great source of inspiration for experienced professionals, and provide valuable hands to the pump when things get busy. By embracing apprenticeships, you welcome young people to get their first foot on the career ladder. This is beneficial for everyone involved; your startup picks up talent at an early stage, and you help society and the economy by mentoring young people to acquire new skills.

Local volunteering:

This is tough due to time constraints, but a worthwhile endeavour if possible. As long as provisions are made for clients and customers, the team’s collective efforts at a local charity or societal event will reap huge rewards. This helps the local community, builds team spirit, and contributes positively to society. 

startups and having positive contribution to the world


Startup founders go through a wealth of experiences; good and bad. These experiences are invaluable to those people taking their first steps as business leaders. These perspectives are yet more helpful for the mentees when they’re recent and highly relevant.

Comprehend your purpose:

Your contributions to the greater good might already be occurring, but you’ve not taken the step back to comprehend the impact. Firstly, it’s important to appreciate exactly where your work is having effect, then determine a method to communicate this to your team. The post important element is to contribute. Thereafter, benefit from a better sense of purpose and an awareness of your impact. 

startup mission

Pivot the business:

To wrap up the list, this is the mammoth task. Pivoting your business is only pertinent for those seeking a dramatic change. Think about the ways in which your team can adapt its skillset to a worthwhile cause. Focus on a specific vertical, or partner with philanthropic organisations. This involves some difficult decisions, but if you can remain profitable in this arena, it will provide great purpose and meaning.

In summary, there are multiple ways in which you can improve your startup’s impact on the wider world. In many cases, startups are already having a positive effect and merely need to comprehend and communicate this better.

By actively promoting ethical and responsible practices, and encouraging people to contribute to the community, your startup will harness a collective purpose, grow sustainably, and maintain motivation and morale among its team for the long-term."

Marcus Franck is founder of London-based startup, Franck Energy. He is an expert in renewable energy technology and helps UK homeowners switch to green solutions. 

Follow Marcus on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Published on: 22nd April 2017

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