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How Saving Water Will Help Your Business Reach Net Zero

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Making a real effort to reduce the carbon footprint of your business? Here are five key ways that your business can reach net-zero through water conservation.

Water supply and wastewater management are essential areas of focus in the Environment Agency’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2030. There is a global consciousness about reducing our individual and collective carbon footprints; more businesses are committing to the goal. This article describes five critical ways your business can reach net-zero through water conservation.

Reduced Consumption Mean Reduced Supply

The UK water industry contributes about 0.8% of the annual UK emissions. This comprises water treatment and supply and wastewater management. Yet, about 460 million litres of water are lost to leaks every year. This means businesses can prevent significant greenhouse emissions simply by cutting down consumption and waste. By conserving water, your business can reach net-zero emissions and join global efforts to save our world.

Lower Water Bills

pexels-anna-shvets-5217883Business water comparison shows that businesses pay substantial water bills every year. Hot water costs up to two times cold water, and companies pay more for hot water than for cold water supply. By reducing consumption to lower water bills, your business can edge towards net zero. You can also lower costs by reusing grey water. Reusing grey water can reduce business water consumption by 30%. That way, the demand for clean water declines, and a corresponding decrease in emissions may be possible.

Switching Water Suppliers Could Reduce Carbon Footprint

Water suppliers reached a net-zero agreement with a commitment to supplying carbon-neutral water by 2030. Some suppliers are ahead of others in implementing the agreement. Most businesses switch water suppliers primarily to reduce their water bills. Still, your business can move towards net-zero by switching to a water supplier committed to supplying carbon-neutral water. You should check The Business Water Shop to find water suppliers with a lower carbon footprint. By switching water suppliers and getting a tailored water supply, your business can gradually become net zero.

Saving Water Reduces Emissions From Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment indirectly contributes 26,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. Businesses contribute to that figure and can significantly reduce it by conserving water. Your business can reduce its carbon footprint by evolving strategies to capture and reuse grey water and avoid wasting water; your business can reduce its carbon footprint. Many companies are adopting green solutions that reduce water and energy use and promote recycling—for example, trapping rainwater to flush water closets and growing plants.

Using Grass And Potted Plants Traps Carbon Dioxide And Uses Less Water

Native grass uses up to 80% less water than turf and traps more carbon dioxide. Your business can save more water and achieve net-zero by using native grass and potted plants. You should adopt drip and early watering strategies to ensure that most of the water is absorbed and not evaporated. According to this report, planting can promote a greener climate.
Water conservation has two essential benefits; promoting a greener environment and reducing business and living costs. Your business can achieve net-zero status, joi

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Published on: 15th June 2022

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