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How Recruiters Can Stay Ahead of the Pack

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by Startacus Admin


Whether you're recruiting for a small tech startup or a large well-established organisation, these tips will help you stay on top of your game

photo-1517245386807-bb43f82c33c4Competition for top talent is fierce, and nobody wants to lose out. Small tech startups and big businesses are ramping up how much time and money they spend attracting the brightest candidates. With this in mind, you don’t want to find yourself unable to fill vacant positions as a recruiter. Unoccupied positions lead to overburdened employees, low team morale, high turnover rates, missed deadlines, and lost revenue. So, how do you stay on top of your game?

Stay in Touch With Qualified Candidates Who Didn’t Land the Job

Yes, only the best candidate gets the position. But what do you do with the applicants who were qualified, but failed to land the job because there was someone slightly better? You keep them close. Don't just wait to email them on the day a new job opening appears. First, tell them you value their application, and they will be among the first to be considered for the next job opening. 

Next, connect and frequently engage with them through networks such as LinkedIn to help them keep your company at the top of their mind. With this approach, you’ll have a strong list of talent ready to fill roles when they come up. It’s also helpful to keep up with top recruitment trends for 2021.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Candidate

photo-1544717297-fa95b6ee9643They say a great manager has to hold out for the perfect fit. Well, the truth is, such a candidate hardly exists. Most times, this approach does more harm than good - it takes longer to fill vacancies, dissuades others from applying, decreases diversity in your workforce, and hinders the emergence of new ideas. 

So, don’t create a long wish list and cross your fingers, waiting for the perfect candidate to come through the door. If you find a talented person who doesn't tick all boxes, don’t be afraid to give them a try. With time, you’ll hone your ability to spot, hire, and mentor potential candidates, gaining an advantage over other companies.

Build Your Recruiter Network 

With 75% of employers across industry sectors reporting a shortage of skilled workers, businesses looking to hire now or anytime in the future need to set up a strong recruiter network. The first step is to join local professional associations in your startup or company’s niche. 

Next, head to LinkedIn and start connecting with people in your industry, including potential candidates, recruiters, and leaders. Regularly create and share relevant and interesting posts, offering tips and advice. Don't forget to comment on other people’s posts, reshare inspiring posts, and respond to messages in a timely fashion.

Analyze the Data to See Who Is Viewing Your Job Posts

pexels-photo-806835.We’re living in an era of big data, and if you haven’t adopted this new trend, now’s the time. Just because you post your ads in all the right places doesn't mean they'll be seen by the right people and attract them. Only data will tell you who's viewing your posts and how they are responding to them. 

You'll notice trends that will help you refine your approach. For instance, if you realize that high quality candidates engage with your ad on one social network but ignore it on another, you can shift your attention and resources to where you are performing strongly.

Become an Expert in Recruiting Technology

There are so many technologies out there that can help businesses stay ahead of the recruiting curve. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to screen candidates and mine for top talent, while chatbots help recruiters instantly communicate with candidates who engage with the company. Embracing these innovations will help you expand your skills and reach.

It’s Time to Review Your Approach

To attract top talent, recruiters, hiring managers, and business owners need to improve their skills continuously. Don't wait until an opening appears to scout for candidates. Start connecting with potential applicants now, engage with former applicants frequently, be data-driven, and familiarize yourself with the latest technology. 


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Published on: 18th January 2021

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