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How can employers encourage more women to participate in the workforce?

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by Startacus Admin

In the current era, women experience better equality to men than ever before.

Many jobs that were once deemed suitable only for men are now available to women if they so choose, as they can now become mechanics, plumbers and electricians. There are so many different career options out there for women and these should be explored in order to find something professionally fulfilling and to meet the worker’s potential.

woman workersResearch undertaken by Randstad shows that women are more likely to feel professionally fulfilled than men. 17% of women and 16% of men state they are very fulfilled, while 39% of men and 38% of women feel that they are not fulfilled in their jobs. Age and location also play a major part in fulfilment statistics. Workers in the North East have the highest fulfilment levels than any other region in the UK with a figure of 78%, while London dipped somewhere near the middle at 59%.

Employers can play an influential part in encouraging women to participate in the workforce with a number of different methods. Women need to feel equal to men in terms of responsibility, roles and salary. Feeling valued by their boss can be a key aspect in how productive an employee is and therefore ensure they become an asset to the business. Treating workers with respect, giving them greater responsibility in decision-making and freedom to complete tasks by themselves can improve their commitment and morale within the job.

According to a 2008 study by Eurostat, the difference between male and female employment rates varied around the world. In the UK, there was over a 10% difference between employment rates for men and women, while this figure jumped to over 20% for Japan and Italy.

The UK trails behind Europe when it comes to flexible working, childcare and parental leave for workers. Becoming flexible towards childcare can encourage more women to participate in the workforce. Introducing schemes such as flexi-time or work from home options, where possible, may allow women to jump back into work soon after having children. It provides them with the freedom to continue their family life at home, while progressing in their jobs at the same time, creating an ideal work/life balance. Lowering the cost of childcare will also influence the amount of women who return to work. The UK government and employers should work together to find a solution to such issues.

Implementing strong work incentives for women can also make a difference. Setting clear targets, and providing bonuses when meeting such figures, can increase motivation and ensure they feel valued in the workplace. It is now more important than ever that an increasing number of women enter or return to employment, as the cost of living increases. Children who have both parents at work can find themselves in a happier, more secure household. Women now have the chance to fulfil their professional potential and possess the freedom to build a career for themselves. It allows them to meet new people and learn new skills, boosting overall confidence and happiness in life.

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Published on: 23rd July 2014

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