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Health and safety in the office

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An overview of a few of the basic things you can do to minimize the risk of accidents in the office - a must for any business owner.

Maintaining a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors is crucial for your business. It’s the moral responsibility of businesses to lower the risk of accidents. Read on for a guide to improving health and safety in the office.

Carry out a risk assessment

The first step in the process of improving health and safety is to carry out a risk assessment of your office. This is where you evaluate the office and search for potential risks and hazards. You might find slippery sections of floor, dangerous stairs or a heavy object that poses the risk of falling. By carrying out a risk assessment, you’ll be able to act on the report and lower the risks of various hazards. 


photo-1625958936686-a9343dc35b5bTraining can also empower your employees to improve their own safety in the office too. By running sessions to boost awareness of health and safety you can help educate your staff. You can take this further by liaising with employees for their own thoughts on improving safety, while also putting employees in positions of power to uphold safety in the office. 

Fire safety

One of the main hazards in the office is the possibility of a fire and it’s crucial that you prepare for this scenario. By appointing a fire officer and regularly running fire drills you can put your employees in the best position to protect each other in the worst-case scenario. Plus, you should fit fire alarms in the building to make drills more efficient. A thermistor in the fire alarm can detect temperature changes and alert employees that they are in danger. 

First aid

First aid training and equipment can also boost safety in the office. In the event of a heart attack or someone choking, informed action can save lives. By providing your staff with the right training and by fitting a defibrillator in the office you can give your employees the best chances of survival in an emergency. 

Preventing slips

pexels-photo-845265Slippery floors can represent a major hazard in the office. Ensure that any hazardous floors are accompanied with a sign warning employees about the danger. 

Indoor air quality

Air quality is often overlooked when it comes to health and safety. Offices can often be filled with polluted air that harms the health of your employees. Plus, CO2 levels are often high in offices too. By fitting the right ventilation system you can put your employees health first though. 

Health and safety are crucial in the office. But by training your staff, carrying out regular risk assessments and by boosting air quality you should have peace of mind that you’ve lowered the risk of an accident. 



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Published on: 14th February 2022

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