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Growing Your Business During A Global Crisis: Tips

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Tips and advice on growing your business in the current climate...

Expanding your business and taking it to the next level can be a challenge at the best of times, but during an international crisis, it can feel impossible.

The Coronavirus has thrown most businesses around the world into chaos and forced many companies to scale back their plans for growth. In some cases, businesses are having to reduce their activities in order to remain profitable.

Just because other companies are struggling and not focusing on expansion, that doesn’t mean that the situation is the same for every business. If your company is able to offer its services during the pandemic and wants to continue with its growth strategy, here are some tips from our experts.

Focus On Expanding Your Online Presence

pexels 3758105It might sound obvious, but with so many physical stores closed and restrictions in place to limit the movement of people, now is not the time to be growing your physical presence. Instead, focus your attention on online marketing and pushing your website towards the top of search engine results, where your target market can see it.

Explore Local And National SEO Tactics

Search engine optimisation tactics encompass both national reach and a local focus. As well as working to reach the top of search results, you also need to reach individuals looking for your services and products in your local area.

Local SEO can be incredibly complicated, so consider working with a local specialist company that understands how to make your site rank in your area. For example, if you’re looking for an SEO company in Birmingham, then using a local agency, such as DLZ Design can help your business reach its target audience, both nationally and locally.

Be Sensitive To The Current Situation

With the pandemic causing many consumers and business owners alike to struggle, it’s crucial that you are sensitive and compassionate when promoting your organisation. It might be tempting to celebrate your success and boast about your growth plans, but now is not the time.

Adapt your advertising strategy around the current situation and try to be tactful when discussing your products and services. After all, consumers are scrutinising businesses more thoroughly now, and are able to be more vocal about any insincerity or tactlessness they notice thanks to social media. Being careful and working to create sensitive advertising material will help to grow your business without exposing it to vitriol.

Support Your Staff

pexels 3205403Your employees may be struggling during this crisis, with their home lives potentially thrown into chaos because of school closures and other issues. As such, you need to support them and help them to get through not only the pandemic, but also your business’s growth. Communicate with your team regularly through video conferencing software such as Skype or Zoom, Make them feel involved in the process of growing your company by asking for their feedback on decisions and input on how their jobs could be streamlined. Hiring new, experienced staff during a pandemic is challenging, so focus on providing your staff with a supportive internal culture to stop them from searching for new opportunities.

Assume The Lockdown Is Here To Stay

The lockdown imposed by the UK Government, which involves allowing individuals out of their homes only to undertake essential tasks, such as buying food and working in jobs that cannot be done remotely, is causing serious problems for the economy.

However, despite this, it looks set to continue well into the future, with a phased, gradual return to normality planned. As such, you need to assume that the lockdown will continue well into the future, and plan your business growth accordingly.

By adapting your growth strategy around the current crisis and being proactive, you can drive your business towards even greater success despite these severe economic conditions.


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Published on: 28th April 2020

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