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Greengame - making sustainability the norm

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by Startacus Admin

War, as the overused cliché goes, never ends. But as terrible as war is, its capacity for total annihilation perhaps pales in comparison with something that might seem more tame and less immediate: the environment.

Breathable air and drinkable water are quite high on the list of things we probably want to keep around, while climate change is something we’d really rather do without (we’re sorry to get all sciency and technical). There are various angles from which to tackle our issues with the environment, but the startup we are featuring today has sustainability in mind.

GreengameGreengame is a startup looking to help make sustainable living the norm, replacing what they call the current ‘culture of waste’ embedded in society.

As you may be able to guess from the name, Greengame is going about this via gamification. In line with one of people’s strongest desires in life - to not have to do anything - Greengame’s app automatically tracks the user’s activities that in some way impact the environment. It can see if you are driving, using public transport, or walking; it can connect to your email account to monitor receipts that indicate sustainable living; it can track the usage of smart products that promote energy saving and other environment-protecting whatnots.

Among the things you can do with the ‘Green Points’ you earn from these things are win competitions and challenges. The possible prizes depend on who created the challenge, but it could be anything from a free meal to a shopping voucher, a council tax break, or season tickets. Greengame encourages big brands to get involved in creating challenges and putting up all sorts of prizes, thus increasing their reputation as green brands.

It goes without saying that helping to clean up the environment and encourage people to live cleaner lives is a worthy goal, and this kind of gamification, with potentially huge rewards on the table, is a clever way to go about it. The success of the app may hinge mainly on what brands they can get involved, but we think Greengame is onto something good.

If you are interested in sustainability
, you might want to read up on Buy Me Once an online platform which sources and sells some of the world’s most sustainable and long lasting products.

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Published on: 26th November 2017

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