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Gravity Sketch - the immersive 3D design tool

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Gravity SketchGravity Sketch - 3D Design made even easier thanks to this London based startup and its intuitive multi-platform 3D creation tool 

We’re all familiar (apart from Dave that is) with the intricate process of 3D design, for sure. All the polygons and the...vertices, and on. At some point we’ve all rubbed our strained eyes and wished there was a better, easier, quicker way to create a concept or prototype. Right?

Gravity SketchLondon-based virtual reality and 3D design software startup  Gravity Sketch has thought the same thing. Using virtual reality or augmented reality, Gravity Sketch can be used to quickly and intuitively create all kinds of geometric shapes. These shapes can, obviously, be used to create just about anything, and because it uses handheld controllers and 3-dimensional movement in real space, said creation is quicker and more relatable than it would otherwise be on your computer monitor.

For example, if you were making a car, you can move it around in your hands as though it were a physical model, as well as moving about it as though it were a full-sized car.

Built-in tools such as posable human figures add to the usefulness, as you can pose the figure inside the car to ensure things look right, etc. All-in-all, it is just a quicker way of creating. Gravity Sketch - design by James Robbins

The idea of Gravity Sketch is not necessarily to replace 3D design packages such as Max or Maya, but rather to be another step in the pipeline (pipes totally have steps in them) and to simplify the design cycle. Models made in Gravity Sketch can be exported to other programs to be used as the base of a more in-depth, polished model, or models can be brought into the program to get a better look at them in a more spatially-realistic environment.

With so many built-in tools for both building and rendering, it’s no wonder Gravity Sketch raised approx £1.2m in seed funding, lead by Forward Partners. 

A look at their Twitter shows that even game design giant Ubisoft likes Gravity Sketch, and impressive modelling videos on YouTube show the software’s potential. The startup has carved out a space for itself in the 3D design arena, and we think it will only get stronger.

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Published on: 10th April 2018

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