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Gravity is Helping Startups Build Apps at Warp Speed (With No Office & No Employees)

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The lowdown on Gravity, the innovative startup that enables other startups to build apps easier than ever before...

gravity logoIt started as an idea over coffee in a co-working space in Chiang Mai and quickly became a successful startup with almost $10k/mo in revenue with no office, no employees and no investors.

Kyle Gawley
has been building apps since the day he got his first computer in 1997, but one problem has always bugged him.

Every new app requires writing a tremendous amount of code to set up, from building login and billing systems to designing the user interface, and what happens if a user forgets their password?

It can take weeks to build these features, and for businesses that outsource app development, this can quickly add up to $10k of extra costs, that's before they build any features that customers will pay for!

is a full-stack web and mobile app template that provides the core functionality required by all apps, out-of-the-box. Businesses save weeks and thousands of dollars while focusing on building their USP and beating the competition to market.

Gravity launched in late 2018 and has empowered almost 250 customers to launch their own businesses, including a lead designer at Apple.

Defying The Status Quo

Kyle's other company – Get Invited – has followed the typical startup trajectory of setting up premises and pursuing excessive growth fuelled by venture capital funding.

After a life-changing incident in 2016 that landed him in hospital, he learnt a harsh lesson on the delicacy of life and the importance of living to the full.

bali Now Kyle is defying all the rules of building a company – he has no employees, no investors and no fixed location. He works on Gravity while travelling the world, living in exotic places like Thailand and Bali.

This philosophy is centric to the indie hacker movement – something that Kyle has been championing recently to encourage more people to start a business and demonstrate that tech isn't all about big offices, lots of employees and investment.

What's Next For Gravity?

Kyle is planning to launch Gravity School – a collection of online courses to teach the skills needed to build a successful indie tech business, including everything from coding to marketing and lifestyle design.

"If things go well, my goal is to establish a private accelerator that focuses on knowledge transfer in less developed countries. This will include teaching tech and business skills and empower people to transform their lives by building their own online business."

"I'm a huge believer that programming is a skill that delivers a tremendous amount of power to change lives, and we don't need to build the next Facebook to do it. Anyone can start an indie business or gain more freedom by learning skills and freelancing. I don't think we've even begun to scratch the surface yet, but the move towards remote work amidst the current global climate will open a lot of new doors for people in the future."

You can find out more about Gravity here, or follow Kyle on Twitter.

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Published on: 1st June 2020

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