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Go on...have a break...

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by Startacus Admin

coffee and biscuitWhether you are a professional worker, a self starter, a job seeker or whatever, there is one basic thing we all have in common - sometimes we just simply need a break. No, I don't mean a trip to Barbados...I mean a little time out during the day to settle your brain. There are guidelines to breaks on governmental websites which outline, for example, how long you should work at a computer, then how long you should have a break for. Based on personal experience, however; and no doubt many of you out there would agree, sometimes we have a deadline to work towards, and having a cup of tea and doing yoga every hour for half an hour just doesn't fit into that schedule.

So here are my top tips on how to do a day’s work, and not go a bit doolally.

1. The night before (or the afternoon before) get out your trusty diary/calendar/Filofax/whatever you plan your days onto, and set out your schedule. So, from 9am to 11am, typing that report up, with pie charts and everything. 11am to 11.30am; a little bit of research on that thing you have to do for 3pm that afternoon. 11.30am to 12pm; time for a break! Go and make a cup of tea, feed a bird or two and sit doing nothing too mind numbing. Your brain will thank you. From 12pm till 2pm; updating that spreadsheet. It's a big spreadsheet. It'll take 2 hours. Then from 2pm till 3pm ANOTHER BREAK! Working two hours at a computer isn't great for you. Have a bit of food and look out the window. Then from 3pm, do that thing you had to research earlier. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture.

2. A good coffee/tea. Yes, a good one. Sure, you could go through the day drinking rubbish coffee, complain about it to your colleague and go on supping at it, but you've been working so hard. Treat yourself to a decent brew! You'll feel a bit better. Especially if you have a half decent custard cream with it.

3. Talk about something else. If there is one thing that could drive a person over the edge, it's having one thing on their mind ALL the time. When you take a break, and someone else is there. Talk about something other than your work; unless you work in a factory manufacturing small conversations... I can't help you there, I'm afraid.

4. Music. How many times has your friend recommended a new band for you to listen to, and when you've been asked 'have you listened to it yet?', your response is, 'Sorry,, I haven't had the chance...' Well now is your chance! Get on your earphones, turn up the volume, and pray it doesn't sound anything like Justin Bieber. You may end up with one less friend if it does.

5. Have a good stretch. It's amazing how much a good all over body stretch does. Start with the toes, and work your way up to your head. You'll feel much better afterwards, especially if you've been sitting for a long period of time. A walk has the same effect. You could do a walk instead... or a stretch and a walk, although people may look at you a bit funny.

So there you are. My top 5 tips on not going out of your mind during a day’s work.
If you have any tips on relaxing, why not let us know over at the forum. We relax by reading your posts.
You can help us relax.

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Published on: 29th July 2012

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