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Gmail - Tips 'n' Tricks

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by Startacus Admin

gmail logoGmail - Tips and Tricks

We, here at Startacus don't think we could survive without Google. We use it for everything! And one of our favourite Google tools is of course the good old trusted Gmail. And when you consider that Gmail has grown from humble beta mode in 2004 into its’ current status as the world’s biggest email client, we aren’t alone!

Today, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite Gmail tips n tricks that you may find useful:

Offline mode
Available in Chrome Web Store, this utilises HTML 5 and allows you to read, respond, archive and generally do a lot of other things without having an actual Internet connection. Great in situations where you don't have an Internet connects, obviously! This also works with Google Documents, Calendar etc.

Priority Inbox
As the name would suggest, Priority Inbox allows you to prioritize your email. It is intuitive in that it learns the mail you read and respond to most, and then puts them into a separate section at the top of your inbox. You can of course customize this and add other important mail to be a priority.

Undo sending
Thankfully, we at Startacus haven't used this feature... yet. This feature is available to activate through the Google Labs section in your account. If you sent an email, for example, telling someone what you think of them and immediately regretted it, a box will appear asking if you would like to undo sending the email. Phew... disaster averted.

'Don't forget Bob'
This is another Google Labs addition. 'Don't forget Bob' works out who you email and more specifically who you typically include in certain types of email most often. So, if you write an email, it prompts you and suggests other people that you would generally email in case you have forgotten to add them in as recipients. Perfect!

Mark all as Read
If your Gmail account is stuffed to the rafters, and showing hundreds, if not thousands of unread emails, there is a trick to deleting them all in one foul swoop... In the search box, type 'is:unread', then select 'All'. As if by magic, a link will appear saying 'Select all conversations that match this search', just select that. From the drop down menu, then select 'Mark All as Read'. And that's that! All your emails will be marked as read. It's a bit of work, but it's worth it in the end.

That's just a few of tips for Gmail... Which would you use most? Do you have any other tips for other Gmail users out there? Why not share your own tips n tricks over at the forum....

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Published on: 24th July 2012

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