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Getting publicity for your Startup - 4 cost free options

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by Startacus Admin

PR. Public Relations. Publicity. For good or for bad* (*not in the main mind you) there is an awful lot to be said for getting a touch of publicity.Getting publicity for your startup

And as a Startup / Small Business / Creative / self starter (call it what you like) there is great reward for getting some publicity for your’s potentially priceless.

However if like us, bootstrapping is one of your favourite other subjects and realities - getting publicity, especially if you use an established PR or Marketing company can a rather costly pursuit and one you most often or not will avoid.

With this in mind, we thought it wise to highlight a few of the options you might want to consider for getting publicity for your startup / business, if money is a consideration. And ain't it always!?!

Reach a Chapter

Tell your story - try and always think of new chapters to write about and then tell. Be it a new staff member, an investor who has come on board, a big client you have just done business with, a competition you have won, a lesson learned or an event you are running. Whether you are a sole trader, a freelancer or an establishing startup, matters such as these can be used to make sure that your target audience, your customer or your prospective business client, keep you and your business in the forefront of their minds. Of course, where your tell your story may vary - a local newspaper, your blog, a national broadsheet, a local radio, and the scope of this publicity will depend on the importance and interest that others measure your story - however if you don’t tell, no one will know!

Win Something

Getting publicity for your startupAs a startup / small business etc, there are always competitions and awards to enter and potentially win. We’re not talking cereal box competitions here - although they’re fab, they ain't the type of competitions that will win you much press and kudos. However by simply keeping an eye on local or national business competitions, you might be surprised how easy it is to at least be considered and be potentially in the mix to win. Here on Startacus, we feature an abundance of competitions and awards. In fact over the last two months alone we have featured Foodpreneur Fest - for Food Startups, the D & AD awards - for Designers, 15 for 2015 - for self employed self starters, the NT100 for social entrepreneurs…the list goes on. Admittedly a few of these awards and comps are UK centric, however do keep an eye out for relevant competitions wherever you live and you might just be surprised.

Win something and not only will you be able to add a new chapter to your business story, you can pretty much be sure that the competition organisers will want to share and promote your success too. (P.S - we also run the
Self Starter of the Week / Year awards - awards that are currently open* - *at date of publication).

Write and make great Content Getting publicity for your startup

They can’t tax the words that you write can they? Look at content writing as an opportunity to constantly reach your target audience or customer and pretty much do so for free! Write content for your own blog, write content for your own website, - offer to write content for other people’s blogs making sure that you are referenced in the article, offer to go on local radio (verbal content), create video content and add to youtube / vimeo, ask to write an opinion piece for a local newspaper, or a national publication...and so on.

These are simple but basic approaches that startups or many a creative will forget to do, or complain that they haven’t got the time to do. However if you make time, as long as your content is strong, any free publicity that you will get - could be invaluable. And look no further than here at Startacus! We’re always on the hunt for
registered Startacus folk to tell their startup tales (handy, self promotional link included here)!

Make an appearance

Get out there. Make an appearance. Cringe a little, but business network. Talk to people. Tell your story. Don’t hide away. Reference yourself and your business when relevant. Join relevant online communities and showcase your wares. Perhaps even get your business bests on and visit the local council / chamber of commerce and find out who can help you out and what services are offered locally to help you and your business. Use social media, use it often and use it wisely. Become knowledgeable and become an advocate for and to others. It’s pretty simple, but the more that you talk about your startup and the more that you talk to others, the more likely it is that people will talk about you and your business in return...

Next week we will return with 4 more handy tips for getting cheap to cost free publicity for your Startup, however in the meantime, take a read over the Marketing Section of our Business Toolkit, there’s loads of handy bits and bobs that might help.

And if you are on the look for a little free PR for your big (or small) idea, project, or startup, feel free to add it into our Collaboration Space on Startacus - it’s fab!

As well as all of the above, if you are looking fo a little more tailored publicity - check out our own affordable startup publicity programme. 

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Published on: 26th August 2014

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