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Generative AI gives birth to new app sector

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New data from App Radar reveals AI chat apps reached 23.6m downloads on Google Play with 8 hitting more than a million downloads each

appradar-1024w_full_duotone.An analysis by app marketing analytics platform App Radar has found that since the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022, AI chat apps have been downloaded 23.6 million times from the Google Play Store. 

The study looked into 40 chat apps with more than 10,000 users that use OpenAI’s ChatGPT, or similar, technology and are available in the Google Play Store.

Europe tops the table in terms of the number of apps developed on the continent (14 apps with an estimated 8 million downloads), followed by the Americas (9 apps with an estimated  2.7 million downloads) and Asia (7 apps with an estimated 7.4 million downloads). Eight apps with an estimated 5.2 million downloads have an unknown country origin. 

European and Asian app developers share the biggest portion of the market with 34% and 31% respectively. 

The research has found that the top five ChatGPT apps in the Google Play Store are AI Chatty: Assistant Chatbot (4.6m downloads), ChatAi GDT - Ai Chat, Ai Bot (3.2m), Ask AI - Chat with GPT Chatbot (2.8m), Nova - ChatGPT powered Chatbot (1.7m) and Chat GPT - Open Chat AI Bot (1.2m). 

TK-2022 (1)Thomas Kriebernegg, Co-Founder and Managing Director at App Radar, said: “In just six months an entirely new app segment which attracted tens of millions of users has been born thanks to ChatGPT. This is likely just the start. As AI gets more powerful there will be numerous innovative ways app developers can leverage the technology to create new experiences for users. At the moment, the bulk of apps focus on AI enabled chat, however, we’ll soon see more AI imagery and audio apps, followed by more complex solutions that use AI in some weird and wonderful ways. In a few years we may see AI-based apps start to rival gaming apps in terms of revenue generation, innovation and scale of development.

“It’s important to note that AI’s impact hasn’t just been confined to boosting app development, it is also impacting the wider app sector by creating new tools to market apps, support development and handle customer service.”

APP / Estimated Google Play Store downloads since ChatGPT launch

  • AI Chatty: Assistant Chatbot - 4.6m
  • ChatAi GDT - Ai Chat, Ai Bot - 3.2m
  • Ask AI - Chat with GPT Chatbot - 2.8m
  • Nova - ChatGPT powered Chatbot - 1.7m
  • Chai - Chat with AI Friends - 401k
  • Chat GPT - Open Chat AI Bot - 1.2m
  • AI Chat by GPT - 1.1m
  • LoAI - AI Chat powered ChatGPT - 1.0m
  • Chat AI Bot: Chatbot Assistant - 1.0m
  • Aico - GPT AI Chat - 953k
  • Chatbot AI - Ask me anything - 772k
  • EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot - 163k
  • ChatOn - AI Chatbot Assistant - 576k
  • ChattyAI - AI Chat Bot - 476k
  • AI Chat - AI Chatbot Assistant - 397k
  • Genie - ChatGPT AI Chatbot - 368k
  • AI Chat Chatbot Ask Assistant - 295k
  • ChatSonic: Super ChatGPT App - 259k
  • Ask Me Anything - AI Chatbot - 237k
  • Goat Chat - Your AI Chatbot - 197k
  • ChatG - AI Chat Bot GPT - 197k
  • AI Chat Pro Chatbot Assistant - 181k
  • Alissu: Chat with AI - 170k
  • Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions - 47k
  • AI Chat - Chatbot , GPT - Talk - 149k
  • ParagraphAI: GPT Writer & Chat - 137k
  • AI Chat GBT - Open Chatbot App - 137k
  • GPT Voice Chat: AI Open Wisdom - 132k
  • AI Chat & AI Writer - Genie - 128k
  • Open Chat - AI Chatbot App - 110k
  • Roboco AI - Powered by ChatGPT - 92k
  • Emerson AI - Talk & Learn- 41k
  • AI Chat Assistant (By GPT) - 73k
  • AI Pal - Role Play AI Story - 61k
  • Character AI Chat - GPT-4 Bots - 31k
  • AI Assistant Widget Chat GPT-4 - 25k
  • Chatbot - AI Chat, Ask AI, Bot - 17k
  • Merlin AI - 17k
  • AiChat: Open Chat bot Ai App - 11k
  • Frank: AI Chat Bot Assistant - 11k




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Published on: 27th April 2023

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