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Five Unique Newsworthy Press Release ideas for small business

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by Startacus Admin

There are many reasons your business might need a press release; maybe you have just started up, have an event coming up or maybe a new product line?

Whatever the reason, a press release can increase your visibility and create an exciting buzz that can increase sales.

But what about mixing things up a little? The content of your press release must be interesting and newsworthy but that doesn’t mean you have to scrape the barrel and cover stories that your competitors will have thought of already. Why not make things less predictable and much less boring by writing about exciting and innovative topics? Think what could you write about if you just put your mind to it?

That’s it. Think outside the box.

Firstly, why not re-launch your website?press release tips

By re-launching a sharper, quicker and more aesthetically pleasing version of your website will help to draw in new clients and retain existing ones. A new website with modifications to products or services pages, refreshed and clearer descriptions, and updated content, will make for a better overall user experience and in turn make the website much more responsive.

Next, why not take major steps towards going ‘green’ and becoming more ‘eco-aware’?

Making a conscious effort to go green and redefine your daily processes in an effort to make your business more eco-friendly is something very relevant in today’s climate and in many people’s interests. Making such decisions, regardless of business size, can be an important marketing strategy as it shows an appreciation of relevant topics and even small choices can make a big impact. Recycling within the office, sending invoices via email rather than post, satisfying customers needs with the environment in mind or using eco-friendly paints, carpets and furniture in the workplace for example, are all ways your small business can contribute to ‘living’ green while at work.

Offer free Services, consultations or products? Yes, you heard it correctly.

Why not announce a program of free services to draw in new potential customers to your business. Not only will this venture build traffic but by promoting it through the trusted press release format, it offers a fantastic opportunity to create real excitement and interest about your business, while also creating more advertising openings through word of mouth.

Try publishing findings of a recent survey, poll or report, scandals and all!press release ideas

Everyone loves statistics and they make for a winning press release story so take full advantage of them when you can. Surveying just a hand full of people could be worthwhile for your small business but also be of general interest too. Ask people about anything relevant to you; shopping habits, features they would like to see in store or online, pros and cons of a product they use the most, or for example, survey what percentage of people would like shops to stay open later on Sundays. The results could be used for fun, be helpful for developers or be the basis of an interesting press release for all to enjoy.

Finally, start off with the negatives and turn things around.

OK, it is human nature to be intrigued about how much money people have paid for items or services, whether a business is making or losing money or what problems everyone else is having. Deep down many people want to read gritty stories about people’s bad news rather than their successes, so by writing a press release which starts out with the negative side of things will most definitely draw in more readers for you. If your business didn’t make a profit last year, not to worry, especially if the reason is due to flashy new technologies, renovating premises or expanding your empire because of unexpected growth in certain areas- the size of the financial loss could be flipped into a positive and draw great media attention.

In all, able to deliver a number of positives, one of the greatest benefits of the press release is that they allow you to choose to expose any aspect of your organisation you wish. But with many newspapers scaling down on budgets, well written, innovative and relevant press releases are a must.

Why wait for the media to come to you? Get brainstorming and make your business newsworthy to draw in all the media attention you deserve.

For more exciting press release ideas please visit Pressat.

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Published on: 13th November 2012

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