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Finding your perfect Co-Working Space

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by Startacus Admin

Considering working from a co-working space? This handy post from will help you choose the right space for you...

"Location, price, facilities, meeting rooms, noise levels – these are some of the standard criteria used to compare one co-working space versus another. If co-working spaceyou have ever worked in one you will know that the most important factor is missing from most websites or comparisons: atmosphere and community.

 Why Atmosphere & Community?

 When you first come up with an awesome business idea you are full of energy and inspiration, what a good co-working space can do is enhance that energy and inspiration. Finding the right mix of people to work with can keep you determined and proactive for longer. Having similar start-ups in your vicinity will increase knowledge sharing and perhaps challenge the way you think about your own idea, and encourage you to be better, smarter, faster, and richer!

 Also, if there are any investors, accelerators or incubators in the building you will definitely be in an advantaged position by gaining access and advice from them. The best CEOs will tell you that they wished they had more time for networking, well guess what, find the right co-working space and the events might be happening right under your nose. You might even meet your business partner, your Head of Design, meet a new client or raise a round of investment.

 Beyond Community and Atmosphere

As discussed the environment in your working location is the key differentiator at the moment when it comes to London’s co-working scene, however, there are of course other contributing elements that you need to take into account, after all the community won’t do the work for you, will they?

At the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey price and location will be high on the list of your key factors, so to those ends -what co-working space

·         Does the cowo offer any subsidies for newly formed start-ups, or do they offer desks for free?

·         Is it easy to find the space (in case someone needs to visit you)?

·         The closer to your clients and at the same time the closer to your home, the better. Moreover, wouldn’t you want to go out for lunch from time to time instead of always bringing your own?

You should also think of what value you are getting for the money you are paying.

·         Is the coffee, tea, bagels, kit-kats and beer included!?

·         Does the cowo have a gaming room or breakout area where you can relax and get together for drinks at work?

·         If you are a one-person business meeting rooms might not be at the top of your list although there will be a day you need one. What are the prices? Do they have a projector? How many people will you be able to fit in?

Another issue to consider is the noise level. Above all, you need to get the work done. Will you be able to focus when everyone else is on their phones and the dog is barking? Or perhaps the buzz is what keeps you proactive?

Finding the right co-working space takes time, and if your livelihood or business depends on it you better get it right. Make sure that the place you end up in makes you happy to spend day and night there, atmosphere and community, as well as all the other things you need to consider, are so important for your personal and companies well-being that you cannot afford to gamble on your choice. Research, visit, hangout in the spaces before you make a decision."

For the research you can use The interactive map not only shows the facilities, but also their actual residents, giving you a sense of atmosphere and community in the co-working space.Who are they? What stage are they at? What sector are they in? Do they collectively look awesome and the right fit for my company? Visit and find out!

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Published on: 14th December 2013

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