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Festive Fun for your Startup Office

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by Startacus Admin

Tis the Season of GivingDuring the festive season, some of your startup members will probably be feeling the Christmas cheer and the drive to take part in the yuletide activities. This can prove to be something of a task in certain instances, especially in a modern workplace. Several mitigating factors can influence the festivities in a startup office; But why should any of it take away from everyone enjoying at least the spirit of the season regardless of business, religious or even political reasonings? Even though people observe the holiday differently, there are still plenty of things you can do in the office to spread some seasonal cheer; and here at Startacus we have a few suggestions for you to try in your office this season! And don’t worry if it’s too late to try them this year, make a note of them for 2015!

Secret Santa

Several religions and belief systems don’t celebrate the Christian holiday - As such, some of your office team may not take part in the gift giving elements of the season. This isn’t an issue per se, but if you’re the only non-celebrant in the room, you probably won’t feel very good watching everyone else receiving gifts and treats. A great motivation for employees around this time of year, and to promote inclusion and acceptance in the office would be a Secret Santa like activity, where everyone receives something regardless. It also makes it fairer on everyone in the office, as there may be some staff members more popular than others, or some with a bit more cash to spare. A spend limit or budget would be a great way to ensure this works out better. Another cheeky little benefit here could be a cultural exchange, for example receiving a Christian traditional gift whilst giving something from your own culture. It is the season of sharing and goodwill after all.

Celebrating with your OfficeSeasonal Party

Most offices, big or small, will probably engage in some sort of end of year celebration around the time of the holiday breaks for Christmas and New Year. A nice meal and maybe a few drinks if you’re so inclined is always a good way to celebrate the time spent working with your co-workers and friends. Another variant of this however is something small and fun in the office. Why not have some cake or snacks in and just have an easy day of trust building and bonding games? Many businesses take part in these sorts of exercises during the year to improve team morale and camaraderie. Why not make use of the festive season to do something fun like that in the office? It means everyone gets involved, and it’s a bit of fun to celebrate the holiday season.

Networking Events

Many events take advantage of the holiday season to host their shows, concerts, sporting events or even conferences. Arranging for the office to attend something that they may all mutually enjoy around the holidays could be a good office reward and provide them with a chance to socialise outside of work and network with different departments, staff members or even offices, all whilst enjoying some of the festivities on offer. This benefits both the startup, and the team; especially if there’s food involved. Just sayin’

Decorating the Office Doesn't that look Festive?

The banter to be had is more than substantial if part of the office happens to look festive. In fact, if people in the office got to decorate themselves, they can change the air in the office to their own preferences. This means that regardless of beliefs or preferences, everyone can have a part in the decorations that celebrate the season.

Christmas/Winter Sweater Day

No need to say much more, not unlike Casual Fridays, everyone comes into work wearing a festive, garish, “I would only wear that in front of the evil individual who presented me with it” jumper, preferably a knitted affair that would cause everyone in the office to forcibly stifle their own laughter. In short, have a day where everyone dresses like a festive clown. Watch the ensuing anarchy of fun unfold.
Everyone in the office wearing something like this...

These are just a few examples for your startup, to make sure everyone is welcome and comfortable during the celebrations. Feel free to try other ideas and celebrations!

We hope all of our readers have a happy, enjoyable and safe holiday season!

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Published on: 23rd December 2014

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