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Fancy Crowdsourcing a Nation?

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by Startacus Admin

197 Nation is a collaborative platform that’s aiming to crowdsource a smart civilization. Intrigued? So were we...

197 Nation aim to be a collaborative platform which crowdsources the 197th Nation on Earth. A grand idea we think you probably agree!  However as we crowdsourcing a nationdiscovered with our recent feature on the Mars One program (a global project that aims to use crowdfunding to send the first humans to the red planet) perhaps this doesn’t sound as wacky as first thought.

The folk at 197 Nation make a strong case.

Under their calculations (we cannot verify this or not) about 9000 cities are estimated to be built by 2050 (that’s a lot of new cities!) to accommodate an extra 3 billion of the earth’s population that are moving to urban areas.

Since the need for new cities / urban areas/ nations, is already there (or will be within the next three decades), the solution with this slightly utopian-sounding crowdsourced nation, does not actually seem all that far fetched.

In a very proficient way, they are getting in there early. Their call to action starts now.

As they highlight on

“Experts with their alternative solutions from every walk of life are invited to offer their solutions to help design a new system while the crowd is supervising the procedure in sheer transparency. We, the crowd, will discuss, debate and ultimately vote over matters to make the final decisions. Once we have the plan ready, we will merge our expertise and resources to bring this virtual plan into the real world and build a sustainable, smart city together.

All your questions about the project, including the size, population and functioning of the society are the reason exists – so we can discover the answers together.

Whether you understand the necessity of the building of this smart city or even if you just think of it as an interesting project, we need you to join us and help with just one thing at this stage – spreading the word..”

crowdsourcing a nation

In a recent blog post on they also highlight that:

“By starting from on an empty piece of land, the restrains of existing infrastructures do not exist anymore. This gives us the freedom to shape an infrastructure that is compatible with our sustainable KPIs. This will open a window of opportunity for new markets with sustainably-minded industry partners.

The Internet has reshaped our boundaries of communication. When the complete executable blueprint is ready, a large mass of contributors and spectators have already been engaged in the process. Uncertainties and the fear of unknown is gradually reduced through the transparency of the planning and the engagement of the masses. Ultimately, by implementing the project and acquiring a land, we can prove to be the alternative solution to our current behaviour as a model for others to adopt.

The 197th Nation on Earth and all its finer details are currently being plotted via their online collaborative space, and if that kind of enterprise and innovation floats your boat, then we suggest you at least take a look.

This idea might just end up going nowhere. On the other hand, it might just end up going somewhere, but where exactly that is, they're not sure just yet...

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Published on: 16th February 2015

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