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EU Referendum- The Tech and Startup Perspective

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EU Referendum
With ‘the biggest political decision in our lifetimes' now just 1 day away, the team at Startacus had considered coming down on one side of the argument with an impassioned and compelling call to action- an appeal to our readership to share in our convictions and help drive home the result we so desperately want.

But we didn't do it.

It occurred to us that there has been quite a lot of that over the past few months- indeed, you are probably sick to the back teeth of being told what you should think and how you should vote.  

Passionate political debates so often have the potential to highlight how wonderful it is to live in a society where such political expression is celebrated- but that worthy intention has not always been evident in the campaign on either side of this debate.     

It has largely failed to ignite the good-spirited and sympathetic discourse that it potentially could have- there has been a tad too much prescription and not quite enough persuasion for that to have happened.

Thankfully within certain niches, the discussion has been quite a bit more balanced, and this has certainly been true of voices within the tech and business / startup scenes.  

If you have yet to make up your mind or simply want to examine the arguments, below are 6  of the best discussions which have come from the tech community over the past months.  

EU Referendum

For democracy’s sake, UK tech staff need to vote in the EU referendum

Here, Tech Crunch editor Mike Butcher makes a well-reasoned call for all within the UK tech scene to exercise their democratic right and vote on June 23rd- regardless of their political leanings.  

In or out? What the result of the EU referendum could mean for the UK’s startup community

Yessi Bello Perez from Tech City News takes a look at the arguments both in favour of and against an exit from the European Union with respect to the UK startup community and ecosystem.  Specifically, she examines how each result could potentially impact things like availability of talent, growth and development, trade, and access to funding.  


Reasons to vote against Brexit     &      Reasons to vote for Brexit

Whilst leaning towards support of a remain vote, Business Insider UK has done rather a good job of summing up both the pros and cons of each potential outcome on June 23rd.  

Better a Brexit for a revitalised EU

French Commentator  Jean-Pierre Lehmann, writes for Forbes from a perspective which has seen little attention over the course of the Referendum Campaign- how a Brexit might actually breath new life into Europe but removing a partner which never really entered the relationship ‘psychologically’.  

In or Out? Do UK tech companies really want to stay in or leave the EU?

Danny Palmer, reporter at ZDnet takes a well balanced look at both sides of the argument, and some of the things which UK tech companies should consider whilst making their decision.

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Published on: 22nd June 2016

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