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Entrepreneurial Room 101 - Week 2

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by Startacus Admin

Dubem Menakaya of GOTB.TV (and a Startacus member!)

Super Hero Mentality

"There are a lot of things I could put in the Entrepreneurial Room 101.  Business Plans were my first thought – because I think that’s one of the primary things that holds people (including me!) Entrepreneurial Room 101back from doing anything.  Then I thought about self-absorbed networkers – you know the people who only talk about themselves and never ask about other people (super annoying!)

But I decided what I want to banish is the ‘Super Hero’ Mentality.

The Super Hero Mentality is the false perception that most entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs give off that they are doing sooo well.  It’s like, everyone is killing the game. Nobody wants to be vulnerable and be honest.  Nobody wants to talk about how they’re struggling or how they are beginning to think their idea is actually pants. Or how they haven’t got a clue how to get reach their target audience and the frustration of being unseen.

I’ve been there. Telling everyone what I’m going to do, how things are really good and there’s going to be some big launch anytime soon!  Then seeing them a few months later and saying the same thing.  We both knew I wasn’t fooling anyone – not even myself.

It’s not that I want everyone to spill their guts every time they meet somebody new, it’s just that I’d like to see a bit more honesty. It’s hard – I’m trying but I struggle with it. Being vulnerable and exposing my frailties. That’s the best part of this game though. Learning, failing and growing.

Entrepreneurs are super heroes – but they’re not super human.  Every super hero has a weakness.  And that’s what makes us human.

So I’d like to banish this mentality to Room 101.  Let’s return to the realness!

'Dubem, is the co-founder of Getting Off The Bench (GOTB.TV) which is an online media and community platform for young, ambitious and aspirational people from the ages of 16-29.'

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Published on: 17th February 2014

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