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Effective Ways To Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

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reduce carbon footprint
Earth Day officially occurs on April 22, but your company can reduce its carbon footprint all year-round. Start by implementing numerous eco-friendly practices into daily operations. Even small steps can make a big impact on the environment, and as a bonus, you’ll see a difference in your bottom line.

Use Less Paper

Paper can contribute up to 35 percent of your company's waste. Fortunately, reducing your paper usage is one of the easiest ways to decrease your carbon footprint. Here’s reduce carbon footprinthow.

  • Accept and send electronic invoices, payments and receipts.
  • Store digital copies of important papers.
  • Sort email inbox and folders efficiently rather than printing every email.
  • Remove your company's name from junk mail lists.
  • Print presentations and other necessary documents on both sides of sustainable paper.

Improve your Building’s Efficiency

In your commercial building, you can improve its energy efficiency. Start by cleaning and maintaining the heating and cooling systems. Then insulate the walls and ceilings, calk around the windows and install weatherstripping on the doors. Consider installing solar panels, too, and plant trees to improve shade and reduce energy needs. Additionally, utilize an automatic thermostat, increase the temperature in the summer and decrease it in the winter by a degree or two, and hang adjustable window coverings as you maximize your building's energy efficiency all year.

Turn off the Electricity

While your office relies on computers, printers and other electronics, you can make an effort to turn off these devices when they’re not in use. Unplug devices at the end of the day, and set them to sleep during periods of inactivity. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, too.

reduce carbon footprintPurchase Energy-Efficient Supplies

From light bulbs to electronics, you can stock your office with energy-efficient items. Look for the Energy Star rating before you buy new appliances or electronics, and purchase only LED or CFL light bulbs.


Reduce your trash output when you train your staff to participate in corporate recycling. Place marked recycling bins around the office to catch everything from paper to cans and consider composting food waste in the break room. Remember, too, that you can recycle electronics, including video equipment, computers and certain batteries, at Staples, Recycling For Charities or your local recycling center.

Drive a Low Carbon Vehicle

If possible, walk or bike to meetings. However, you could opt for a low carbon electric or high mileage company car if necessary. Then cut emissions when you:

  • Inflate the tires properly.
  • Maintain a consistent speed.
  • Schedule regular maintenance.
  • Consolidate errands.
  • Use a traffic app to time errands or meetings when traffic is light.

Utilize Office Sharing

Your business will use fewer natural resources and save money when you participate in office sharing rather than rent a commercial building. Your team will have access to reduce carbon footprintcubicles, the internet and conference rooms, allowing you to conduct business while conserving resources.


Freecycle reduces your trash output and assists your company in preserving the environment. Search Freecycle for office furnishing or use the site to give away unwanted office supplies and other items. You could also host a community swap day and encourage your employees to freecycle their personal items.

Partner with Green Companies

Support eco-friendly initiatives as you partner with other companies who also strive to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, you can hire a green office cleaning company, green hosting for your website or bicycle courier service.

PJ TaeiWith these tips, your company can reduce its carbon footprint year-round. The effort makes a difference in the environment and your budget now and into the future.

About the author:

PJ Taei, is the Founder and President at Uscreen, a video monetization platform to help you sell any kind of videos online. You can also follow Uscreen on Twitter.

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Published on: 3rd May 2018

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