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Ecologi - tree planting and carbon offsetting made easy

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The lowdown on Ecologi, the Bristol-based startup that's on a mission to help us all take action on climate change...

about-EcologiNo matter how much people try to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that climate change will go away by itself, or that it’s not happening at all, the cold, hard fact is that we are still rocketing towards that point of no return that we’ve been warned about for years. 

Massive amounts of deforestation has left the planet gasping for breath; mangrove trees, as you may have read in some of our other articles, have been decimated by shrimp farming, with a huge 38% of mangroves destroyed. The problem with this in particular is that, as well as protecting against coastal erosion, mangroves can store twice as much carbon per hectare as the Amazon rainforest, making them one of our biggest allies in the fight against climate change. 

As we have written about plenty of times, instead of waiting for governments and the biggest polluters to do something, startups around the world are taking matters into their own hands.

Bristol-based environmental startup Ecologi is one such startup, and offers you a chance to have a positive impact on the environment for as little as £4.70 per month, while they do all the work. 

ecologi image.pWith this subscription, you will be responsible for 12 trees planted every month, as well as creating work for local families. It won’t be long before you’ve planted an entire forest and created a new habitat for wildlife: for example, helping to undo the massive 90% of deforestation that the Madagascan rainforest has suffered and re-foresting the Scottish lowlands. With your subscription, Ecologi will pay people to plant trees in their local area, particularly mangroves, helping these families as well as the environment.

As well as this, with the Ecologi app, the startup will help you to see and understand your carbon footprint, and find ways of reducing this as well as offsetting it - the goal is to give back more to the planet that we take. You might be surprised by both how much carbon we are responsible for, and also how easy and inexpensive it can be to offset it.

Projects supported by Ecologi include protecting 98,932 hectares of Amazonian rainforest in Peru; improving cooking stoves in Eritrea, potentially reducing CO2 emissions by 15.8 gigatonnes; providing over 790,000 Vietnamese farmers with renewable fuel sources; helping to repair boreholes in Malawi, restoring communities’ access to clean water; and many more vital projects that improve people’s lives and help the planet in the process.

Just £4.70 per month to help save the world? It sounds like an exaggeration, but maybe it’s only unrealistic if people think that it is and keep that £5 note in our pockets.

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Published on: 8th July 2021

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