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Easy ways to keep your start-up’s valuable assets secure

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by Startacus Admin

When you set up and run a business there is a lot to think about and get done. So, it is not surprising that some things get neglected. It is understandable that security is not at the top of most entrepreneurs list. 

But, perhaps it should be. Ask yourself, would my business survive a burglary? Usually, even with good insurance, the answer is no. Being without your tools or vehicle while your claim is settled could easily completely ruin your fledgeling business. With this in mind, we have come up with some easy and inexpensive ways to make your start-up more secure.

Put up some security signage

Start by putting up some signs like the ones you can buy here. Even if you do not have cameras and an alarm yet, use signs to fool would-be thieves into thinking that you do. This is surprisingly effective. A significant percentage of vandals and thieves will be put off if there is even the slightest chance that you have this level of security in place. Later, you can actually install real cameras and a proper alarm.

Invest in good locks

Installing good quality locks and remembering to use them is a relatively cheap way to make things more secure. Use this article to quickly learn about the different types of locks that are available and the ways they can be deployed. Remember to secure your tools and vehicles too. Investing in and fitting an old-fashioned crook lock each time you park your van or car is a great way of stopping them from being stolen. 

These days, most thieves are equipped to tackle modern alarms and locks. They are no match for them. But, the fact that so few vehicle owners now use old-school crook locks means they are not ready for that. So, surprisingly, right now they are a good deterrent. Better still, because they are so visible, the chances are the thief will not take the risk of attracting attention by breaking a window. They will see the crook lock and move onto a vehicle that is far easier to break into.

Putting a good quality combination lock on your metal toolbox will have a similar effect. As will using a proper laptop lock. 

None of these items are crazy expensive to buy. But, they make a huge difference to how secure everything is.

Don’t forget to secure your data

It is just as important to keep your business’ data secure. You do not want one of your competitors to get hold of your client details. 

If they know how much you charge, they can easily undercut you. You also want to protect their details from being stolen and abused by identity thieves. Plus, GDPR legislation means that you are legally obligated to keep their data secure. This is the case regardless of the size or nature of your business.

So, if you have not already done so, we urge you to take a serious look at the security of your business premises, data and equipment. Getting into good habits now will save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the future. 

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Published on: 14th July 2019

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