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Doordeck - access control made easy

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Forget access cards and keyfobs, Doordeck is an innovative startup let's you use your smartphone to open doors...

doordeck logoKeeping a building secure whilst ensuring its occupants aren’t subjected to undue hassle can be tricky. Keys are pretty much out of the question - forgetting to lock the door behind you, badly cut keys that don’t work, and the fact that people don’t want to walk around their office like a janitor with a huge bunch of keys are just a few downsides to this old fashioned method.

Keycards and keyfobs are the next logical choice, but these come with their own problems. It’s still something extra to carry around, they can easily be left at home and even medium sized business can find themselves replacing thousands per year (which is far from free to do).

Enter Doordeck!

doordeck screenLondon-based Doordeck is the first company to offer keyless access, wire-free, that integrates directly with your existing door technology.

All you need to use it is an email address and a smartphone with NFC. The likelihood of forgetting a phone is far less than that of forgetting a little fob or keycard, as we have it with us at all times anyway.

As well as the convenience and money saving this method affords, there are also environmental benefits to the system. You may not consider the locking mechanism of your office door to be particularly environmentally unfriendly, but let’s just say we never saw Captain Planet use a keycard.

The card/fob readers are active every second of the day, no matter what, consuming energy needlessly; lead backup batteries above every door linked to one of these may need to be replaced as regularly as every year; the plastic fobs and cards areDoordeck made of doesn’t break down, but they still get thrown away at the end of their life cycle.

Doordeck is looking into using recycled plastics and wood, but already they are better for the environment (and your business’s bank account), because they require no wires or batteries or, again, extra keys of any kind. They are powered over ethernet, and the backup batteries above every door are replaced with just one single backup for the entire building.

Doordeck last September successfully completed their seed funding round (Sept 2017), but their system is already being used by several clients, including UCL and coworking spaces L39 and Runway East, as well as their own working space, IDEALondon.

The idea is simple, it’s a small step from what many buildings already have, and it would be ideal for the likes of hotels and AirBNB's as well as office buildings. Combine these facts, and we think Doordeck has found the key (that’s right) to success!

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Published on: 20th May 2018

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