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The lowdown on Diversely, the London-based HR-tech startup that helps to reduce unconscious bias thanks to its AI recruiting tools

Diversely+Full+Colour-01No matter what strides we make into creating diverse workplaces and keeping diversity in mind during every stage of the recruitment process, inclusivity is an ongoing process. By the very nature of being an individual with our own experiences and subconscious biases, we will always need a helping hand to ensure that we aren’t accidentally tailoring the process to people exactly like us. 

Certain wording that might appeal to us in a recruitment ad, for example, might actively deter someone of another gender or ability, and it might be something too subtle for us to pick up on by ourselves without it being pointed out. We might not have a large team to work on these kinds of things with us, and so a third-party platform designed just for this might be in order.

analytics.Enter London-based HR-tech startup Diversely and their AI recruiting tools and analytics. The platform’s tools include ways of removing bias from job postings, looking for words that are biased towards one gender or culture or experience, and ensuring that your listing is inclusive, and therefore appealing to everyone. 

The startup says this increases reach by up to 70%. Automatic anonymisation of CVs means that the CV itself is the only thing taken into account, rather than the applicant’s gender, skin colour, background, etc., that may otherwise subconsciously bias the recruiter. Auto-posting to multiple job boards from one place allows you to quickly and easily send out your job listing to multiple boards with less work. You can also set up your diversity goals and use Diversely’s analytics to track and measure these goals and see how your hiring policy is working.

In September, Diversely announced that they had raised $550,000 in pre-seed funding from investors in the US and UK. We look forward to seeing what they hopefully raise in their seed round next year, fingers crossed. 

Incidentally, innovative recruitment tools like this will be very much on the agenda at our upcoming Work: In Progress event - it's a hybrid affair so why not book a free ticket and join us if you can!

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Published on: 22nd October 2021

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