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Digital Notebook Brings Back Tradition

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by Startacus Admin

Chances are, just like anybody else you appreciate technology. Whether it be enjoying your favourite apps on your smartphone or updating your social media feeds, very few of us find it easy to disconnect from the online world and technology these days.

RocketbookIt’s not necessarily a bad thing. It shows us how much society has grown and changed over the years. Given how far technology has come, things that were once thought impossible are happening more and more.

That’s not to say however that there are not some of us out who sometimes miss how things used to be and how simple things were. As much as we appreciate a world immersed in technology, we may find ourselves missing something as simple as putting pen to paper…

If you’re one of those people, then your prayers may have been answered, thanks to an innovative new product known as Rocketbook

The name itself sounds pretty badass, and what it does isn’t too shabby either. If you’re in any way old fashioned, you miss writing letters with a trusty pen and paper, or you love finding any excuse to jot down any notes on your favourite stationery, then you’ll love this. Whilst having a phone, laptop and tablet means that you pretty much have everything at your fingertips at any time, there is still something about writing something down that can be so therapeutic and a lot more enjoyable. Rocketbook

Thankfully, RocketBook is a digital microwavable notebook that allows you to enjoy note-taking the traditional way while also giving you the convenience of technology, as it allows you to upload any notes or doodles that you create directly onto the cloud without the need for any fancy tech.

It sounds pretty awesome! How does it work? Well, like most things like this, the notebook comes together with a smartphone app (for both iOS and Android) which uses patent-pending image capturing technology. You can write anything you want in your snazzy notebook and then effortlessly use the app to send your writing directly to the cloud so it’s waiting there for you.

To make things even more convenient, there are some icons along the bottom of each page. These icons are blank at first, but the fun kicks in when you use the app to assign different locations to each icon. The locations can be just about anywhere you want, whether that be your Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive. Then all you have to do is simply press the buttons with your pen and your handwritten notes will be digitised and sent directly to the location you’ve assigned to the corresponding buttons! It’s just like magic...Rocketbook

We’re really impressed so far, but there’s more! If you’re worried about making a mistake or having to start over, this is where it gets even better. When you use specialised Pilot Frixion pens, which come in a variety of different colours, on your RocketBook, all you have to do is simply pop it in the microwave to erase your notes! This means that you don’t have to worry about making a mistake, having to start over again and wasting paper - your microwave is your eraser! Awesome.

RocketBook currently has an indiegogo campaign and flexible funding. Their goal was set at $20,000 and with over $500,000 raised with still time to go, it’s safe to say that we’ll definitely be seeing more of Rocketbook. The phrase "there's an app for that" seems to ring more true than ever; they're becoming more integral as time on, so if you enjoyed reading about Rocketbook perhaps you'd like to find out about other ways that the smartphone is helping us out. For example, Wayfindr helps the visually impaired navigate the London underground and innovate app PinIt allows you to keep track of your travels so you have a better idea of where you might end up! Happy reading! 

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Published on: 30th April 2015

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