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Derry Wellbeing Expert launches Nutritional Programme to help stressed out society

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Jade Bradley, founder of Restore Nutrition and one of our Impacting Founders discusses her holistic approach to health and gives us some top tips to ‘kick start’ our wellbeing journey…

As we draw to the close of our ‘Impacting Founders’ programme which saw Startacus support NI-based female founders, we are meeting and hearing the stories from some of the fantastic founders who participated to learn more about their startup story and journey to date. 

image004.jDerry-native and nutritional therapist, Jade Bradley has launched a new 4-week ‘Kick-Start’ nutritional programme designed to help tackle stress, anxiety, depression and physical health conditions through a holistic approach.  Based in the North West, Jade Bradley is the founder of ‘Restore Nutrition’, a wellness company that specialises in helping people with their nutrition to deliver a better quality of life.    

Jade embarked on her own mental and physical health journey several years ago having struggled with anxiety.  She used a blended approach which included yoga, meditation, music, therapy and the input from a kinesiologist that advised on food issues and intolerances.  Within two months of implementing these changes, Jade saw a massive change resulting in better sleep, more energy and a feeling of being more ‘restored.’  It was this that sparked her desire to educate herself in naturopathic nutrition.  She moved to London and studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and became a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.  

restore nutritionShe launched Restore Nutrition in 2019 and the company has since gone from strength to strength.  Restore Nutrition has worked with over 50 private clients and organisations including, Seagate, Business in the Community, Hurt, Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership, Belfast Food Network, Hillcrest, Culmore Hub, Foyle Women’s Information Group, Derry Well Woman and Youth Action.

Speaking about her new programme, Jade said:

“We are living in a stressed out society, and having the main pillars of health and wellbeing in place is essential to help deal with stress and anxiety. If the fundamentals aren’t in place, it is impossible for us to excel. These fundamentals are more important than ever given the challenging times we are all in.  I centre our work around four pillars which we delve into on the ‘Kick Start’ programme namely: hydration, reducing toxic load, restoring with whole foods and managing stress and sleep.”

image005She continues:

“I have found that most people want a quick fix or a magic pill when it comes to their health and wellbeing journey. Unfortunately, this does not exist. It is best to make small changes incrementally and embark on this journey in stages starting off with the fundamentals which is exactly what we do in our new programme.  Furthermore, it is so important to tackle mental health issues with an all-round approach and this is why I have worked with mental health therapist, Caroline McMenamin on many projects over the past two years and plan to do more collaborations in the future.””

The ‘Kick Start’ nutrition programme is available for business groups, charities, community groups and individual attendees and runs over four weeks in one hour sessions. You can obtain more information, costs and sign up by emailing Jade:

Jade is part of ‘Impacting Founders.’ Impacting Founders is a 10-week start up programme for NI-based female founders, facilitated by Startacus, in partnership with Young Enterprise NI, with a focus on pathways to growth, connections and legacy.  Supported by Ulster Bank, the programme aims to bring the best minds together to support NI female founders on their journey and ultimately to develop the entrepreneurial strength of NI.  

Looking to start your own wellness journey?  Here are Jade’s top 5 tips to get started!:

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: water is important for so many processes in the body including supporting digestion and as a building block for our happy neurotransmitter serotonin. The majority of people that I come across are dehydrated so please do keep this front of mind.

  2. Caffeine is dehydrating: drink an extra glass of water for every caffeinated drink you consume.

  3. Chew: digestion begins in the mouth. Chewing breaks food down to allow our digestive system to better digest and absorb the foods that we eat. You don’t have to count the number of times you chew your food just aim for your food to feel like its reduced to a paste consistency before swallowing.

  4. Eat REAL FOOD: if you read the ingredients on a food packet and there are a lot of words that you can’t pronounce and sound like they should be in a science lab then avoid it. Stick to things like fruit, veggies, wholegrains, wild or locally sourced fish, grass-fed meats, nuts, seeds and free-range eggs.

  5. 80/20 approach - this is basically eating the foods we consider to be treat foods in moderation. There is no rule that you can only enjoy treat foods at the weekend or on days off. You can enjoy them when you feel your body needs them. Although following an 80/20 approach will breakdown into an 80% choice of nutritious foods and a 20% choice of treat foods. Meaning that you can have the best of both worlds.

Jade covers these pillars in much more detail in the Restore Nutrition ‘Kick Start’ Programme which you can sign-up to here .

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Published on: 19th May 2021

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